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((OOC: I will try to get this RP more lively by stepping away from steering Krissu as a main player for a while, or for good, we'll see. Instead I'll focus on giving you guys things to do by assigning events and playing NPCs and whatnot. To begin with, I want to make sure that everyone knows where they really are at this moment in MAO :p ))

Retro Bug // Fara O'Shay

As you emerge from the cave, Birdie is waiting for you. He has been a look-out but what he has failed to spot is the flames that are climbing from tree to tree slowly but surely up towards Dark Cave from route 30 in the south. Will you react to the forest fire or will you just continue onward to Route 31's so far unburnt fields and Violet City?

Skymin // BiRDiE

Truth is, you weren't really keeping tight lookout. After getting some neat training, you are met with Fara coming out from the cave again. What you haven't noticed is the fire that has begun spreading unnaturally fast across the landscape around the cave while you walked around. The top of route 30 is pretty much not on fire anymore, but the north eastern route 31 is covered in flames. If you turn around now, you'll notice it, unless Fara notifies you first. MAO isn't always logical, it seems.

machomuu // Fel

You are on your way to the fire to see what you can do about it. As you are closing in, near the Dark Cave, you see that several people have grouped up and are trying to douse the fire by letting Poliwag and other water type pokémon spray water attacks on it. It doesn't seem to help. But they are focusing on a small area... perhaps they are trying to rescue someone who is stuck in the fire in that spot? Or perhaps they really are dumb NPCs who believe they can put out a forest fire with only a handful of water pokémon.

If you turn on your HUD, you will see if they are NPCs or Players. The truth is up to you, unless you want the GM to control them. In that case, say so in the OOC thread or via VM/PM.

Codaq // Albero

You have entered route 31 and can see the fire up ahead. But now you have stumbled upon an unfamiliar trainer. Is he a NPC or another player? What will Schoener really do??

Do you want to control the tall, tanned trainer yourself or do you want the GM to control him? Reply in OOC or VM/PM.

Fuyu // Ange Lumis

You have run away from your traveling partner and left your Caterpie in the care of her and Mr Pokémon. Unfortunately, you have not quite escaped the fire yet. As you enter route 31, the fire is still blazing on ahead, having spread quicker than you thought; behind you the forest has already respawned after burning down. Will you just evade the fire or will you find people or a need to help out?

Jake♫ // |Kinder|

You realize that you meant route 30 and not route 31. How difficult will your journey towards Mr Pokémon's house be? Will you meet a wild pokémon, a NPC trainer or another player? This routes has it all but is but an obstacle before the real challenge in Violet City...

jasonwolf // Jercio Shade

You have taken on the challenge at the Academy. If you win three matches in a row, you will receive a prize! Of course, this is the only place so far in MAO where you can actually have all your pokémon fainting without whiting out. As long as you remember to heal them before you leave the Academy building, of course... Rumors say that if you lose three battles in a row, you will also get a prize.

Do you want to control Gregory, your opponent, yourself or do you want the GM to control him? Reply in OOC or VM/PM.

Miss Doronjo // Luxanna

You stumble out from the Dark Cave and encounter a tall trainer with pink hair; another MAO player. She looks troubled.

"Lovely... I wish," the trainer mutters. "Haven't you seen the fire?" She gestures behind her, hoping that you'll notice the orange glow in the sky and the trees a little ways away that are strangely enough on fire. Had that ever happened before in a pokémon game?

"I was going to scout out the cave since I usually skipped it in the old games... But MAO is so very different." Her gaze floats into the darkness behind you. "Is there really impenetrable darkness in there? Do you really have to use FLASH to be able to get around?"

Claire* // Solomon

The forest fire spurred you on and made you feel confident enough to challenge the gym. Will you train in the Academy or the Sprout Tower first, or will you be the first player who defeats Falkner and opens up the road south so that the story of MAO can continue?

雷影 イチロ // Aertio

You move north out onto Route 30 without having spoken to the Mayor. Will you travel due north or somehow find your way to Mr Pokémon's house? Will you meet a wild pokémon, a NPC trainer or another player? This routes has it all but is but an obstacle before the real challenge in Violet City...