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update 2 of my fire red mono-flying run

update 2:

-traveled across routes 3 and part of route 4
-hawkeye evolved into pidgeotto
-bought magikarp from the man in the pokemon centre on route 4
-nicknamed magikarp superkarp
-entered mt moon
-caught a zubat
-nicknamed zubat lolbat
-trained lolbat and superkarp up to level 17
-traveled through mt.moon
-beat super nerd and chose the dome fossil
-left mt.moon
-unflammer (charmeleon) learned mega punch from the move tutor
-arrived in cerulean city
-found hidden rare candy in backyard of a house and fed it to superkarp
-superkarp evolved into gyarados
-battled and defeated rival Gary
-obtained the fame checker
-proceeded across the nugget bridge
-obtained nugget and battled rocket grunt
-lolbat evolved into golbat
-traveled through a field of trainers
-talked to bill and turned him back into a human
-obtained the ss ticket
-challenged the cerulean gym
-battled leader misty and won the cascadebadge
-obtained tm 03 water pulse form misty



Enflammer (charmeleon) -LVL 22

Hawkeye (pidgeotto) -LVL 22

Superkarp (gyarados) -LVL 22

Lolbat (golbat) -LVL 22