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Sorry for not posting, the internet i get in my country
is terrible, and my parents are always paranoid about me
when i'm on the internet so they only let me on for a very
short amount of time
(if your interested in price for usage it's $85 for 4.25gb -.-)


Todays a big one guys since i've had a lot of time for this,
so here we go.

These guys are just like in BW2, they'll rebattle you every
time you re-enter the area, but unlike they're BW2 counterpart
you have to talk to them to start a battle.
The breeders will appear on a route after every town with a gym in it
and before every town with a gym in it AFTER Wolkan City.

This is just a screeny of a house up on Route 4's hill.
I wonder what's inside.

Finally i got the inside battle background to work!
If your asking why i only just got it now,
the inside battle background is terrible to edit it has a terribly
limited amount of palletes, (Just try inserting your own and you'll find out why)

Also you may have noticed, there's a new OW.
Yup that will be the male hero for the hack, thanks to my spriter
for that, very grateful to have one.

Last but not least in the picture updates, the snowy
side of the region, this area will take place in the snowiest
parts of Luria which is the mountain to the far west of Wolkan city.

I have also added in some new music. specifically the BW cave music,
no it doesn't replace the mt ember music so we have a wide variety

Again on the music topic, i've added new instrments to the voicegroups
so the RSE imported music has no synthy sounding instruments anymore.
It sounds nearly exactly like in RSE (Except for the Team 1.5.1 battle music, i remixed that ages ago for some reason)

Not only that, i've added in the playerfacing asm from Jambo51's asm knowledge,
tyvm Jambo. If you don't know what that does, it makes it that when you battle a trainer
you now face them, instead of facing the way you were walking.

Also, i've remapped the first town and
the 2nd route, as well as removing the need to go back
to grandpa to get the running shoes, now you start off with them.

And for another thing that's instore for the next beta is a
re-map of the gyms.

Yup, our gyms will have special scripts and ideas.

Also, The textbox is only temporary,
i'll change it to something else later on.

I've also fixed the battle boxes and the pokeball symbol,
they are now BUG-free and still look wonderful!

Planned for beta 2:
Physical special split
Some new music: (50% done)
MALE sprites female sprites and rival sprites done. (maybe simon.)
Revamped gyms

Help needed section:
I would really like a REALLY REALLY good mapper to
re-map most the game and do maps for me,
let's just face the facts. My maps are bland boring and too small!

(Not needed as much, but still needed sometime)Someone who's really good at music hacking
that can be able to demix BW, DP and HGSS music into FRLG style, (specifically battle music)
i can provide you with your own Voicegroup if you'd like.

Also i'd like someone to redraw my world map in DPPT style
using wesley fg's DPPT tileset.

Well that's all for today people, it's not as big as i'd like
but i'd like to say that progress is steady and i hope to finish all
the *SCRIPTING* events up to the 4th gym by the second term/semester (About april for me)
But even if all the events are done it'll still take a while to polish
the hack and add features that i want in.

But i promise that Beta 2 will make up for what beta 1 lacked. WHICH IS FUN!