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    Issac Milke (new student)

    It was late in the evening and as the academy's ship approached the island, Issac thought back to a couple of hours ago.. the last time he'd see his parents face for a little while:
    "Byyyeeee sweety!" Issac's mom yelled from the shore as the ferry was leaving the shore. "Take care! Don't forget to iron your clothes every morning, and be sure to fold your underwear properly!"
    "Honey.. Calm down. He will be fine," Issac's father started as he put his right arm around her, bringing her in closer in an attempt to soothe her, "He is a smart boy. Everything will be okay!" He finished as he waved goodbye to his son with his other hand.

    Issac waved back, a tear of joy making its way down the left side of his face. I'll make you two proud. I swear.
    That was something he fully intended to do.

    "We are now docking. Hastefully retrieve your bag(s) and make your way to the exit!" the intercom blared.

    I'm the only one on here.. was that necessary? Issac thought to himself as he adjusted his backpack and picked up his duffel bag that he had kept by his side the whole time. He proceeded to the exit and as he came off the ramp and as he set foot onto the island the first thing he did was grab the single pokeball off the side of his backpack and tossed it into the air.

    "Come on out, Trunks!" He exclaimed with excitement as the Turtwig emerged from the pokeball.
    "Tuuuuuhhhhwiiig!!" The small pokemon yelled out as it stretched.
    "Come on now, lets hurry up and get there!" he told Trunks as he started running towards the academy.
    "Twig.." Trunks replied as he let out a sigh. The small pokemon slowly strutted but picked up his pace as a school of Krabby clamped at him. "TWIG TWIG!!"

    As the two reached the entrance of the academy, Issac stopped and looked down at his companion who, not expecting Issac to stop, ran into his leg
    "Ow!! Geez Trunks.." He scolded, "
    I have no idea where to go, or where to get my schedule, or jacket, or anything.."
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