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Originally Posted by donavannj View Post
It really has. It's kind of hard to lead the way on this when I don't have the patience for Photoshop. The best I can consistently churn out for fake cards is text-based fakes, but if I don't have inspiration, I can't churn anything out for one of those, either.
Why not download placement guides for Photoshop? Those eliminate a lot of steps, though there is still a bit of fine-tuning involved depending on how many attacks the card has or how long the effects are. I don't use them myself, but it sure would save a lot of time if I did. I finally have Photoshop, but I still usually make my fakes in GIMP.

It's definitely hard to fake without inspiration (even more-so for me, since I don't like making fakes unless I illustrate them... I find myself drawing less and less nowadays). I've been making more resources lately than fakes, mostly holosheets. I did make a fake just a couple days ago to test out an ACE SPEC blank that I ripped. Maybe I'll update my gallery soon or make a new one.

Also, it may attract more users if the title of this sub-forum was titled "Original/Custom Cards" or "Artistic Fake Cards." It's probably overlooked by many who assume that this is for counterfeit card discussion.

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