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(OOC: Yeah I realized I did that, and that update came as I was writing this post =P)
|Kinder| - Route 30

Every time Geoff entered a new Route, town, or city, the sights never ceased to amaze him. Looking at everything from a top-down perspective on his Gameboy just made perfect sense for him, but now he was starting at Route 30 from a first-person perspective. The cliffs that made for an easier exit from the top of the route were now tall ledges instead of a just a different tile. The small pools of water bounced the rays of sunshine from it's surface and reflected |Kinder|'s image back at him, but as far as Geoff was concerned that was his appearance for the time being. It was a sense of full immersion that he had never felt in a Pokémon game, which under normal circumstances he would love. In this case, he just wanted out. The one thing that seemed out of place was billowing dark clouds further out into the sky, which seemed odd, as nothing like that was ever present in any other game, but that didn't concern Geoff right now.

If playing these games had taught him anything, he knew that he needed to grind his Snorunt's level up. And in this case, he needed to do it safely, which meant sticking to wild Pidgey and wild Hoothoot to knock out with Powder Snow. Taking risks against anything that could really damage Snorunt, and by extension himself, was not worth it, especially since this route and Mr. Pokemon stood between him and getting his Pokégear.

"Ready Snorunt?"


With Snorunts approval, Geoff started off into the thick grass that covered the beginning of the Route. Oddly, he made it through the first patch of grass without spotting any wild Pokémon. Uncommon, but not impossible Geoff figured. He made his way up the stairs in front of him and continued up the route. As always, past all the little lakes and ponds on his right, the fork in the road came. Just from past knowledge that the left entrance, although less populated, would be crawling with NPC trainers waiting for him to battle, and would take him to Route 31, and by extension, Violet City. But he wanted to take the path on the right, heavily covered in tall grass. Mr. Pokémon's house would be there, and he wanted that Pokégear.

Continuing on the right path, Geoff started to hear a rustling a few feet in front of him. Finally, Geoff thought. It was odd not even seeing a Pokémon on the route, not including the few Weedle and Caterpie he saw asleep in the trees above him. He cleared the grass in front of him with his hands, where he saw a Hoothoot trying to get it's feet uncaught from the grass. Sort of a sad sight, seeing a Hoothoot trapped on the ground and not able to get back into the sky. As much as Geoff knew he and Snorunt needed to train, taking on a helpless and defenseless Pokémon wasn't right with Geoff, he was raised better than that. Geoff walked right up to the Hoothoot and started prying at the grass stuck in its talons. Hoothoot was frightened by the random grip on its feet, and scratched Geoff's hand.

"What the heck! I'm just trying to help you!" Geoff shouted at the Hoothoot. He didn't mean to yell, but his hand was in pain. That's new, and experience of pain for Geoff. He figured that he didn't only have to look after his Pokémon's health now, but his own was now a factor. Just another thing to worry about.

"Hoot! Hoo hoo..." Hoothoot cried. It had a sad look on its face, like it didn't mean to hurt Geoff. It was just startled.

"It's okay," Geoff said. "It was an accident. Anyways I'm glad you're free, fly back to wherever you came from!"

Geoff continued down the path towards Mr. Pokémon's house. He didn't remember the path being this long, even proportionally between the two different iterations of the world. Every step he took, he kept hearing a rattling behind him. Every time he turned around, there was nothing there. He took one more step, and heard it again. Instantly he turned around, to see the same Hoothoot now floating up in front of his face and landing on his other shoulder, opposite to Snorunt. He knew it was an entirely different world, but could wild Pokémon actually be programmed to have this capability? Apparently so.

"Umm, do you want to join us?" Geoff asked the Hoothoot.

"Hoot! Hoo hoothoot!" It cried happily. Apparently so.

"Well if you want to join us, we do have to battle first , it's just how it works," Geoff explained.

Apparently that was all Hoothoot needed to hear, as it jumped eagerly back into the air and Tackled Snorunt off of Geoff's shoulder. Clearly it had some fight in it, which made Geoff smile. In this kind of situation, the passive-aggressive and shy Pokémon were not what he would want for his team. He needed some fighting motivation if he wanted to escape this world.

Snorunt hit the ground right on its butt, and it wasn't too happy with the sneak attack. Apparently that was reason enough to fire off a Powder Snow at the little bird without Geoff even ordering it. It concerned Geoff that Snorunt would just do something like that, but at the same time it would have been the same thing he would have commanded. Maybe it was just smart and knew what to do.

Hoothoot was hurt by the Ice-typed attack, but it wasn't down yet. It got back up and charged for another Tackle attack, but the Ice stuck in it's feathers were slowing it down. On Geoff's command, Snorunt dodged the blow and hit it with another Powder Snow. Hoothoot was knocked to the ground, and was struggling to get up.

Geoff, with fear of knocking it out, threw one of the Pokéballs Professor Elm had given him at Hoothoot to capture it. The ball hit Hoothoot and enveloped it in a red light, sucking it into the ball. It shoke once, twice, three times...and lay dormant. Geoff had made his first capture in this virtual world, and the Hoothoot was a good addition to his team. Geoff picked up the ball and continued onward, with Snorunt returned safely to it's Pokéball.

Fighting off a few Zubat and another Hoothoot with Snorunt's super effective Ice attacks, Geoff finally saw Mr. Pokémon's house in front of him. He stepped inside the house, and in front of him was the familiar NPC that he had spoken with numerous times before in his playthroughs of Pokémon Gold. Geoff initiated the dialogue with him, explaining the quest that the Mayor of Cherrygrove had given him.

"Ah yes, of course! I needed to make sure a trainer would take this egg back to her for me, as I didn't want it to be damaged!" Mr. Pokémon explained. It was just as Geoff figured, the same fetch quest the original game provided for. As Geoff accepted the quest line, Mr. Pokémon continued, "If you come back to see me after you deliver that egg, I'll have a nice surprise for you!"

Geoff had no idea what that meant, but if it was some sort of reward, he was all over it.


After taking the quick path over the short cliffs back to Cherrygrove City, Geoff returned to the Mayor's office, with the egg in his hands. Before he could get a word out to her, she took the egg from him and thanked him graciously. In return, she handed him over the Pokégear. It was clearly an upgraded one that Geoff didn't expect, already containing the phone and map, but what he was really most excited for was the headphones and the radio card that was already attached to it. Geoff graciously accepted, and returned to the Pokémon Center to heal his newly obtained Hoothoot.