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    Second update to my poison challenge:
    -went through Rock Tunel
    -at the Lavender changed names of Beedrill to Stinger, and Nidorino to Dino King
    -went to Celadon City
    -beat Erica
    -beat Giovanni and obtained Silp Scope
    -went to Lavender, beat rival, caught Haunter, rescued Mr. Fuji
    -went to Fushia by Route 12, on the way obtained Super Rod
    -went to Safari Zone, obtained HM3 and Gold Teeth, at Fushia traded Gold Teeth for HM4
    -went to the Route 19 to catch any water pokemon, caught Horsea
    -beat Koga
    -caught Tentacool at Route 19, moved Horsea to the Box

    My actual team:

    Zaurus (Venusaur)(evolved before fighting Erica) lv 38
    -Razor Leaf
    -Leech Seed
    -Sleep Powder

    Stinger (Beedrill) lv 36
    -Pin Missle
    -Focus Energy

    Dino King (Nidorino) lv 37
    -Double Kick
    -Horn Attack

    Haunter lv 34
    -Shadow Punch
    -Confuse Ray
    -Night Shade
    -Dream Eater

    Tentacool lv 20 (sorry i havent leveled it yet, but i dont have now time to do that)