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“We feature an exclusive selection of pokémon that can’t be found anywhere else in the world. Their habitat has remained untouched by human hands since the day they were dropped onto the good green Earth. I think thirty is quite a reasonable stopping point.”
Slick sales pitches are always in style, aren't they xD

It’s this new system the League’s trying out. It’s the oddest thing—they’ve found a way to use magnets to scan cards. All the new trainer cards have magnetized strips, which the scanner senses, and decodes some sort of pattern that’s unique to yours.
Uh oh, Michael's downfall might not be an especially tough gym leader, but ever-advancing technology...

They were walking down a spacious boardwalk, elevated a short height from the ground
And meanwhile in the games, we actually have to walk through the muck...

My dad always said that a building’s a building no matter what side of the globe you’re on. But nature always changes, wherever you go.
I must respectfully disagree. For me, nature is just grass, dirt and trees, but the city holds a wealth of variety - in different architectural styles, city layouts, and businesses that are present in a specific locale. But I might be biased since I lived in the country and found it to be a horribly boring experience.

Yeah and I remember almost nothing of those places in Hoenn xD Only thing I remember are THE ENDLESS WATER ROUTES, OH GOD THE ENDLESS WATER ROUTES!

Trainers like to cross it using this technique called Dive. But personally, I think that’s a fine place to draw the line!
I second this notion. I never understood how that was even realistically possible. Your character goes underwater in their regular clothes, doesn't even put on scuba gear, and I don't know how the heck they breathe while underwater. Maybe your character is supposed to be part human, part fish?

But be careful—you’re not allowed to use your own pokémon to weaken them.
A system that results in frustration and rage more than anything else. At least in the games.

“Some guy was running a small store downtown. He was selling fake IDs and licenses, but he disguised it by selling League merchandise alongside it. It says that after the Game Corner was closed, the cops started to check the other League-related establishments in the area… and I guess they landed right on that place. It wasn’t even a licensed vendor. He just had the pokéball logo on his window.
Hope that guy isn't going to be required by authorities to turn over a list of people who have bought fake ID's from him... otherwise Michael's really in hot water.

Well, ID cards and a possible Space Race conspiracy aside, that was a pretty nice date, very cute And boy does time seem to fly when you're having a good time. I hope they're able to meet up again before the crew hits the road again, I guess we'll just see how long it takes for badges to be won and business to be taken care of. At the very least, it doesn't seem like this gym is structured to keep trainers there for an extended period of time - and Marie seems pretty laid back as far as policy. Of course, I've seen before where that carefree personality can lull a trainer into being lax... and then BOOM! She hits them with the toughest battle of their lives. So I hope Michael stays vigilant... both of Marie and the possibility that his secret may not be a secret much longer...

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