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    Trainer: Local (derived from the challenge title)
    Badges: Zephyr, Hive, Plain, Fog, Glacier, Mineral, Storm, Rising, [L](x2), Boulder

    Cumulus, the Flower
    Meganium, M, lv65, miracle seed
    Strength, solarbeam, body slam, razor leaf

    Nacreous, the Attractive
    *Pidgeot, F, lv65, sharp beak
    Wing attack, attract, quick attack, sand attack

    Stratus, the Pink
    Slowbro, M, lv, 65, quick claw
    Confusion, psychic, surf, headbutt

    Cirrus, the Gift
    Jynx, F, lv65, king's rock
    Psychic, dizzy punch, body slam, ice punch

    Altostratus, the Valentine (that's not her actual in-game name, obviously, but it would be what she was called if I ignored the rule and matched her up with the others)
    Ninetales, F, lv65, charcoal
    Flamethrower, tail whip, confuse ray, quick attack

    Nimbous, the Duo
    Magneton, -, lv66, pink bow
    Thundershock, swift, tri attack, sonicboom

    Okay, we're officially onto the Kanto gyms, and currently standing around in Cerulean.
    Cirrus took Brock's entire team out with a bunch of Psychic OHKO's.

    And now you know what I do when I get bored~
    (read: have far too much fun with overlay layers)