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    I was going to put this in the Plot Bunny thread - and perhaps it belongs there; feel free to move it if my instincts have proved wrong - but then considered that this is more a query regarding stylistic or formal experimentation rather than plot issues.

    Anyway, this is going to take some explanation on my part, but please bear with me. I was writing a parody of a CYOA book for fun a while back, then realised this afternoon why it failed to hold my interest: the lack of interactivity. I then decided that a better format would be a parody of a text-based adventure game, hosted in a forum thread, wherein I would be the 'game engine', as it were, and readers would enter the commands for the protagonist to carry out - allowing not only for complex commands beyond a computer's ken to be inputted, but also for some spectacularly weird improvisation on my part. It would also - if it roused any interest - generate a little activity for the forum, given that it would actually hinge on community participation.

    So, to the point of this thread: I'm trying to establish whether or not anyone thinks this little experimental story of mine (for which the plot is all ready and waiting, if necessary; my imagination is nothing if not dedicated) is worth a shot or not. I mean, there's frankly no point to my framing the tale in this manner if it's decided that it flies too close to the territory of the Trivia or RP forums.

    (I've also, before the issue is raised, thought of a system to collate reader responses together by theme and subject and work out what commands should be derived from them, in the unlikely event that this generates some colossal quantity of interest. (I had a long train ride in which to contemplate this idea.))

    Anyway. This is just a proposal. I don't know if people would actually be interested, or even if I'm pushing the idea of a story outside the definitions espoused by the FF&W forum, but I'd be glad if you could let me know what you think. It seems fun enough from my point of view, anyway, and if people are willing to direct my hapless victim protagonist, then I'll be perfectly happy to write about the consequences of those directions. All in the style, of course, of a text-based adventure game.


    EDIT: Damn it. I did a little research and someone beat me to the idea (albeit in a different fandom). This vexes me, but no matter; it still seems like fun.

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