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    -PART 4-
    -Went and trained on some route.
    -Meatloaf evolved twice into Crobat !
    -Went to the route to Driftviel.
    -Went on to Driftviel city.
    -Spoke to Rood.
    -Went and took on the gym.
    -Defeated Clay using Btlborg's Struggle Bug on Krokorok, Claw's Dig on Excadrill and Meatloaf's Brave Bird on Sandslash.
    -END PART-


    BtlBorg/Gensect @ Amulet Coin
    Level 25/Calm/Genderless/Download
    Techno Blast/Magnet Bomb/Struggle Bug/Flame Charge

    Bella/Weepinbell @ Miracle Seed
    Level 25/Jolly/Female/Chlorophyll
    Weather Ball/Energy Ball/Poison Powder/Venoshock

    Meatloaf/Crobat @ Soothe Bell
    Level 26/Brave/Male/Inner Focus
    Brave Bird/Leech Life/Bite/Return

    Fairie/Dratini @ Eviolite
    Level 25/Modest/Male/Marvel Scale
    Agility/Thunder Wave/Dragon Rage/Return

    Fishin'/Chinchou @ Leftovers
    Level 25/Mild/Female/Volt Absorb
    Shock Wave/Water Gun/Take Down/Thunder Wave

    Claws/Drillbur @ Silk Scaf
    Level 28/Jolly/Male/Mold Breaker
    Dig/Rock Smash/Slash/Metal Claw