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Originally Posted by darkpokeball View Post
I suppose my question goes here...
Up until today, my Wii was perfectly fine. This morning however, my game disc would not eject. It makes some weird sound(s) but nothing happens! I have tried:
-Turning the Wii upside down
-Holding the eject button for 10 seconds
-Turning off and on multiplue ways
How do I get my game out?!
I don't think there is much chance you could without breaking it further. If you don't feel comfortable trying to fix it or dis-assembling it, I would try go down to your local game store and see what they have to say and maybe they could repair it for you. Alternatively, you could just search Google for ways; but it still won't be as safe as getting someone at your local game store to do it for you.

Perhaps this is fate telling you to get a Wii U

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