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    Game looks awesome, I'm amazed at how far this has come.

    Whenever I try to open the PokeGen.exe app, it asks me to pick screen resolution and all, then when I click "Play!", I get an error. The error log is kind of big which I why I didn't post it

    Edit: Watched a video playthrough of this and I have to say, this is like a console remake of Pokemon Yellow xD
    It's just so accurate, the water effects, the sky, even the way Red and Blue send out/return their Pokemon. I'm actually incredibly excited for this xDD

    One thing though: Have you thought of how many Pokemon you plan on implementing? I tried making a Pokemon game on Unity before and I tried making models for all 493 Pokemon but found it hard and could only include the first 52. Since it's using Red and Blue, are you going to start off with/only include the first 151 Pokemon and release more in like DLC updates in the future?