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    My top 10 addicting games:
    10.Tetris- how could a game stacking blocks could be addicting? it's because you want to beat you friend score
    9. Phoenix Wright series-solving cases for hours,trying to figure out who's the culprit, curiosity is the key to make us addict to this game.
    8.Pokemon Gamecube series-what could i possibly want more than a pokemon in 3d back in the 2004-s uptill now.(battle revolution mehh... no story line,feels too empty)
    7.Digimon World championship DS-i used to have a digivice and i lost it but since i played it,it gave me the digivice feel all over again
    6.Digmon DS series-not like world championship,it includes storyline which made it more addicting to play because you sure want to know the end.
    5.Tales of world series-imagine that your character battle evil with the tales of series character wouldn't be cool?
    4.Final fantasy crisis core-prologue of final fantasy 7 which i would like to know about when i used to played ff7
    3.Digimon world 2-there are digimon world 1,2,3 but i just choose 2 because it's seems that it's more simple that the other 2 eventhough it's 2
    2.pokemon series-4 words,grow up with it!
    1.Disgaea series-it's like a perfect (well not perfect==") game to spend off when holiday
    games not included but addicting for me too:
    Fifa series
    Football manager series
    Fifa online 2
    Ragnarok online
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