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Adrian sighed yet again, he wasn't a total moron he knew that there were some merits to his infuriating co-workers plan and in a lot of cases it would work, but in this case it was more likely to get them all killed. When storming a big group you want as much back up as you have available and in this case the back-up that Nox clearly didn't want involved until the last moment were one of the best marksman Adrian had ever met, a six thousand year old veteran reaper with a reputation for being rather powerful and himself who honestly was quite a bit faster than most other reapers which would really be useful inside the warehouse.

"A disguise most likely won't work at all" he said "especially if we are trying to impersonate one of them, we don't yet know enough about harbingers to pull it off and they'd have to be incredibly stupid not to notice. You could do a vampire maybe, but you can't fake not having a pulse or a heartbeat, which the bloodsuckers are fairly attuned to since they drink blood." he stopped thinking for a moment, he knew that the original plan was risky anyway but perhaps Nox's skills with disguises would come in handy...
"can you make us all look like harbingers for a short time? Just long enough for us to walk in and start lopping of heads? By improving the original plan with an extra layers like that we can add to their confusion and make our safe entry more likely." Now that sounded like a good option to Adrian.

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