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    C.J. Styles

    I’m sorry, I would stay and talk but my Pokemon and I are hungry and that buffet of food there is getting hard to ignore.” C.J. said to the man that helped him. He had sat and talked awhile and was feeling better now. C.J. rose up and walked over to the food, and some Pokemon food for his friends, then he went and sat down at a table that wasn’t crowded with people.

    When he finished his food he looked around, plenty of Students and Staff but no one he recognized off hand. What to do now then, he didn’t really feel like meeting anyone new. C.J. looked at his Pokemon, Golett.. There’s what he could do, the whole reason he has a Golett right now is because of his father, maybe he should contact him and see what was up with this whole thing anyway. Well that settles it, time to call home.

    C.J. stood up and walked out of the cafeteria towards the dorms. After his call maybe he’d get some much needed rest. Put this awful day behind him. He recalled all his Pokemon aside from Ace, they needed their rest. “Come on Ace, let’s get back to our room for the night.
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