Thread: FireRed hack: Pokemon Luria.
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The pikachu is
For a sidequest

The omanyte was supposed to be a shiny event
don't you realise those funny looking rocks?
there for rock jumping which will be in the next beta.

Don't worry i've remapped the first town and fixed the graphical glitches
i've also fixed the text errors and mostly fixed everything that was wrong in beta 1.

Also the jump ledge is for jumping down,
you can jump over that mountain tile to get down there and there will be
a hidden item

Very beautiful hack indeed! Best of luck with this, hope you get this ended because I prefer playing complete hacks. The overworld is very nice and also you could replace some of the pokemon sprites , if not all then some of the most important such as the starters, or the main legendary's. Anyways good luck again!
Thanks for the positive comments, yeah i'm going to replace all the Pokémon sprites after Chaosrush finishes 3rd gen in his spriter resource,

Also the title screen should be in Beta 2 as well

Also with the help needed:
I take back the beta testing thing,

If you'd like to beta test this hack send me a PM
i'll probably just let you play anyways

i'll take 5 people, i'm so sick of replaying my hack to test bugs -.-