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Originally Posted by Wolflare View Post
Minor update to the rules: profanity is no longer allowed on the server. Simply put, PC itself doesn't allow it, so the battle server shouldn't either. I have never seen any good come out of swearing on the server anyway.

edit: Swearing is no longer banned, but excessive swearing is not.
I just wanted to add that even though Swearing is no longer banned, users should not be or shouldn't be posting a emoticon like this:
I've seen in it the server and it can be really repetitive to post meaning other users will just copy and paste it, then it appears in the Main chat. It can also disrupt conversations that are pooling around between users. Aside from that it can also be somewhat offensive to some users on the server. I hope this will get passed, so users in the server can be forewarned about it and not posting it, leading to a mute by the drivers or above.

Originally Posted by Forever
So apparently there are timestamps, which can appear ugly. If anyone wants to turn them off it's with the following commands:

To turn them off - /timestamps off
To put the timestamps on in minutes - /timestamps minutes
And to put the timestamps on in seconds - /timestamps seconds

They'll appear as default when you enter the server, which is apparently a new thing!

(This is like the first thing I've ever discovered how to turn off/on without checking somewhere, I'm so proud of myself tbh).
That command has been changed just letting everyone know.

it is now this: /timestamps [all|lobby|pms], [minutes|seconds|off]
You need to do: /timestamps (choose option in 1st bracket), (choose option in 2nd bracket)
so it will this for an example: /timestamps all, minutes or /timestamps lobby, seconds

^Hope everyone understands the above command.
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