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Everything makes sense now. Gav asking me if I would like a mod partner. Him checking out the forum leaders thingabomb yesterday and whatnot. Totally saw it coming a mile away, Alex. With you being so active and so helpful and making such quality posts, it definitely wasn't a surprise. <3; Though it is strange that I missed you having a bold blue name while browsing through A&D myself. I saw it when I saw your celebration thread. XD; Anyway, yeah, congratulations, girl. You too, Maruno. I don't really know you but I figure you've been doing awesome work in GD and hope you'll continue doing so! We totally need to get to know each other, haha!

Maruno and Alexial, modding is very hard. Be careful especially with the open reports. And Alexial, you have a partner in Art & Design. Hope you two work well.
Haha, it ain't that hard, tbh. And me and Alex bond like house on fire so it won't be a problem. ;]
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