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    Originally Posted by xXblenderXx View Post
    Ok I'm trying to run this on No$gba 2.6a and It runs perfectly i mean no lag at all whatsoever, the only problem is when i go to change my pokemon and exit the screen it stalls everytime, I'm running it with no$zoomer and all that fx5 and what not. I have tried every ar code i could find but nothing fixes it. Desmume will barely run on my computer no matter what i do to it, And you cant play pokemon laggy!! I'm losing my mind here, can you maybe help?
    I don't use No$GBA, it has outlived its usefulness. Best choice is Desmume 0.9.9 JIT, with Dynamic Recompiler activated it's quite a bit faster than the other builds, and faster than No$GBA.

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