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    Originally Posted by NecrumWarrior View Post
    Hmmm. Odd. I thought for certain you were on the list. Something must have happened along the line to make you missing from the list. It looks like you started posting again late in January, which is when my compy broke, so I had no opportunity to see that I had missed you when adding that update. Sorry for the inconvenience, I don't really know how you got missed before.
    Don't worry, it's fine. I didn't know why you hadn't updated, so I was worried. Anyway, I have an update!

    Update 2: Genocide of Route 4

    What happened since last time:
    After beating Brock, I took actions toward "collecting" my free Gulpin, which I named Grimy Muck. Then, I moved on to Route 4. I quickly skipped along to Mt. Moon AFTER COMPLETELY DESTROYING EVERY SPECIES OF POKEMON AND HUMAN ON ROUTE 4 after beating a few Trainers. I caught a Zubat at Lv. 8, and because I was really tired and in a meh mood, I called it P. Sherman from Finding Nemo. Then, I went on another homicidal rampage defeated the Trainers' Pokemon. I actually whited out once because I didn't bother to use Potions because, again, it's 11:00 now and I'm getting tired. That being said, I should probably end the update here, but I'll still go on. I left Mt. Moon after defeating the forces of evil and stealing receiving a Fossil. I saved in Mt. Moon.

    My team:

    P. Sherman the Zubat

    Saur the Ivysaur

    Grimy Muck the Gulpin

    I took that one guy's advice (WarriorCat's his username) and used imgur to upload the pictures of my Pokemon. I'll find out his username and edit it in later. Anyway, that's it for now. Peace!

    P.S. My YouTube channel is active! I now upload videos daily, with 3 Pokemon videos a week. The rest is other games I like to play. My username is Jacob Presau, search it up on YouTube.