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    Originally Posted by Toujours View Post
    I think hating on all DLC is just silly. I mean, DLC for many games is just what you'd imagine good DLC to be, take Skyrim - they didn't have time to add in all the features in the DLC before launch. If we all decided as a group that we hate DLC, the extra content would have just been not created. DLC, when used right, has a great deal of use and is a wonderful addition to a video game.

    rooster - what makes you say content in DLCs for CoD require 'no work from the company'? Even if it was done in an older game, it still requires a lot of work to port it over. Do you have some specific experiences in AAA game development that back up that claim?
    no, i don't, but then again i don't think many of us do and its quite easy to lie about so lets not get into that. i do know from common sense however that more then half the work is thinking up the ideas. saying they worked on a recycled stage is almost like saying you worked on your home work if you had just copy'd someone else's. i don't know why but for some reason everything i post on pokecommunity now is a declaration of war. i'm not against all DLC but charging so much for recycled stages just doesn't seem right. i'm not in the mood for this right now and to my knowledge i haven't made my statement conflict with yours, lets just leave it at that.

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