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Originally Posted by roosterman View Post
no, i don't but then again i don't think many of us do and its quite easy to lie about so lets not get into that. i do know from common sense however that more then half the work is thinking up the ideas. saying they worked on a recycled stage is almost like saying you worked on your home work if you had just copy'd someone else's.
Well I'm not making a claim about AAA development here, you are. You said "let's not get into it" and then proceeded to...get into it. It's not common sense that more than half the work is thinking up ideas - I haven't developed AAA games but I have done game development on my own and programming is far from just plugging in ideas, it is much more difficult than coming up with inspiration and ideas. Have you ever tried to code someone else's idea?

i don't know why but for some reason everything i post on pokecommunity now is a declaration of war. i'm not against all DLC but charging so much for recycled stages just doesn't seem right. i'm not in the mood for this right now and to my knowledge i haven't made my statement conflict with yours, lets just leave it at that.
I didn't say our posts conflicted. All I asked was where you got the argument that the DLC in CoD requires no work. Your post "I don't like most DLC" and my post "I think people that hate all DLC are silly" are not in conflict at all - you don't hate all DLC, therefore you don't fall into that category. My question was unrelated to that thought, it was related to your own post. Asking for your credentials in making that claim isn't a declaration of war, it's a discussion.

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