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    Originally Posted by Serperion View Post
    Here's a map I just came up with a little while ago


    Name: Sear Canyon
    Exits: North (2), South (2)

    This canyon used to house one of the Region's biggest Rivers, however since temperatures began to soar the river had disappeared. Since then a creek began to form across the canyon forming small patches of green. No trees can grow because of the vast amount of Fire and Electric types.
    I want to like the map, I really like the idea and history you put behind the map; and I hope other maps are this intricate as well. However it is entirely too empty; you need to add more pizzazz, more feeling, more interesting terrain. everything is in a box formation, naturally, nature does not form in such a fashion, it moves around, its random, its crazy; show this in your mountain ranges. Make the borders of them(the walls) flow and move around.
    The river is too linear, you need to make it flow more, I get that its dried up, but make a path of clowing water, and add dirt or soil that would replicate the "flowing" nature of the once great river. other than that its a nice start to a potentially great map. Good luck with this map and fix it up!

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