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    Day 2: Cerulean City

    As you know, everyone starts off with 6 pokeballs each. Now with these 6 pokeballs, you can catch any of the pokemon below. If you do catch any of these pokemon, just tell me on Pm either on the PS server, or here on PC. You can catch any number of pokemon so long as you have pokeballs! BTW, if your worried that you're pokeballs will run out, don't worry - you'll automatically gain another 6 pokeballs each day. You can make your team of 6 with these pokemon btw, and save the rest for your reserve. You can also make any EVs or Movesets you want, but no items. You'd have to buy those items with your prize money! Just remember that if you do, just PM me all of your purchases!

    Also, you are allowed to revisit Pewter or the first day to catch pokemon or buy items; whatever you want to call it. You can also keep the pokemon you caught in the first day.

    Pokemon available to capture:

    Items available to purchase:

    Pokeball: ¥250 (can only buy 3 per day)

    Choice Band: ¥250

    Choice Scarf: ¥250

    Choice Specs: ¥250

    If you have any questions, just ask me!

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