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    Originally Posted by Toujours View Post
    Well I'm not making a claim about AAA development here, you are. You said "let's not get into it" and then proceeded to...get into it. It's not common sense that more than half the work is thinking up ideas - I haven't developed AAA games but I have done game development on my own and programming is far from just plugging in ideas, it is much more difficult than coming up with inspiration and ideas. Have you ever tried to code someone else's idea?

    I didn't say our posts conflicted. All I asked was where you got the argument that the DLC in CoD requires no work. Your post "I don't like most DLC" and my post "I think people that hate all DLC are silly" are not in conflict at all - you don't hate all DLC, therefore you don't fall into that category. My question was unrelated to that thought, it was related to your own post. Asking for your credentials in making that claim isn't a declaration of war, it's a discussion.
    i can think of several "discussions" that ended up wars. look, i know coding is hard and all but when you calculate how much all the stages cost, you could nearly buy the original game on a disc. i'm just against it cause they over price it so much and fool everyone into buying it. besides, this shouldn't be based on work, it should be based on what it gives the player, and its not like the players will really notice and appreciate the work that went into it cause it looks the same as always. neither one of us have a large amount of experience in this so we both could be saying things that don't even remotely make since as far as we know so there really is no point in this argument or discussion or whatever you want to call it.

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