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Okay second update of my Ultimate Poison Challenge:

Heart Gold

I Got all The rest of the Johto Badges, caught a lvl. 19 Tentacool in the sea between Olivine and Cianwood and caught a lvl. 22 gastly at the bell tower. Now im just before the elite four after training a little in route 26 and victory road.

My team pre Elite Four:

Gengar Lvl. 50 (used evolution editor to evolve at lvl. 50)
@Shell Bell
(a whopping 165 sp atk. @ Modest Nature)
- Thunderbolt
- Shadow Ball
- Confuse Ray
- Dark Pulse
He's a pure beast with that shadow Ball :D

Crobat Lvl. 45 (evolved right after beating ecruteak Gym)
@Poison Barb
- Cross Poison
- Bite
- Wing Attack
- Fly

Gloom Lvl. 45 (Trying to get a leaf stone but can't find one?)
@Miracle Seed
- Solarbeam
- Mega Drain
- Acid
- Sleep Powder

Ariados Lvl. 46
@Quick Claw
- Sucker Punch(pretty bad move in my opinion)
- Bug Bite
- Night Shade
- Psychic

Tentacruel Lvl. 45
- Surf
- Ice Beam (Pretty annoying in the gaming place but after some time i got enough for both this and Thunderbolt)
- Toxic Spikes (much better than the old spikes move)
- Poison Jab

I really like the 4th gen Games (First time i play one of these) love how attacks can be either physical or Special in the same type and a lot of the new moves are actually really good, was thinking of catching a Koffing or an Arbok but i think my team is Good as it is Right now, don't have that much use of a pure poison type, maybe an Arbok with Earthquake wouldn't be that bad but i have to catch it in the Safari zone and yeah meh... I can use an Arbok in another game then...

To the Elite Four, hope i don't get smacked around by Will's psychics.

EDIT: how do you make those spoiler pop out thingies? i Would be glad if someone can PM me about that or a link to where i can find it?

EDIT2: E4 Was a Breeze Gengar swept through most of them, Crobat and Tentacruel took out the rest of them!