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Professor Layton vs Ace Attorney
Started this the other day. It's going really slowly since I'm determined to learn some vocab from the game so I have to pause and enter words into my Anki flashcard deck any time I come across something useful I don't know but I'm having fun with it anyway!

Ni no Kuni: Wrath of the White Witch
I'm playing this very slowly because I don't... really like it that much. D: I got the Wizard's Edition because I expected to love it but I'm about 8-10 hours in and while it's alright, I'm not absolutely hooked on it like I expected to be. Still fun, though. I'm hoping it picks up a bit more but otherwise I guess it's just not really my kind of game. (I've heard it's very much a throwback to old-school JRPGs and since I never had a chance to play any unless I specifically seeked them out in the last few years, that might be why it's not clicking for me...)

Tales of Graces f
._. I'm still addicted to this game. I've been playing it a LOT since December since it's something my roommates and I all enjoy. We're doing a second full playthrough and in the process of maxing out titles and getting all the trophies.