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    After watching the YouTube demos of Obsidian, I decided to give the real program a try: my disability makes console/handheld games too awkward to use, so a Pokémon hack that's meant to work with a regular PC especially interested me. Unfortunately, Obsidian crashed as soon as I pressed C to begin. Whether it's unplayable on this 6-year-old machine, I'm not sure; could one of you please help me out? Here are my technical specs in case you need them--

    • Make/model: Dell Inspiron 3500
    • Operating System: Windows XP Home Edition with SP3
    • Processor: Intel Pentium CPU, 2.00 GHz
    • RAM: 3.25 GB (the most I could install in a 32-bit machine)
    • Graphics card: ATI Radeon HD 5400

    If I'm unable to play any of the fan-games here on this machine, then I apologize for my cluelessness and promise to stick to other parts of the forums. Otherwise, I would very much appreciate any help you could give me (buying another machine is not an option, unfortunately).

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