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Originally Posted by Mochorro View Post
I like a lot Axew being Dragon/Fighting, as the other starter, Gible, is Dragon/Ground, Axew is given two types as well. Also, Fighting-type opens a new dimension to it , while giving it a few weaknesses, it gives it an awesome STAB Brick Break.
For one, Axew and its evolutions don't really even look like Dragon/Fighting. For two, the dual-type doesn't really confer much. It doesn't set up a type cycle or anything like that. Dual types aren't even necessarily stronger for having two types. In fact, as far as I can tell, it's a detriment to have Fighting on there. Ordinarily, Axew would own Psychic types, but in this hack, a level 9 Abra with Psybeam will mop the floor with it. Why Abra has Psybeam when that's not even a move it can learn is beyond me, much less why it has it at such an early level. ( On that note, why does a Level 3 WILD Pineco have Protect? )

Most importantly, Axew is not canonically a dual-type.

Besides, there's already way too many dual-types when it comes to dragons. A pure dragon line is a blessing - and Axew's line is the only line that keeps that pure Dragon type throughout all stages, if you don't count Druddigon, since it doesn't evolve.
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