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    Well look at what we have here...

    It's a's a game...NO...well...I mean yeah! IT'S TIME FOR TG'S DEMO RELEASE

    After being hard at work, all by myself, for a period of 7 months, I'v finally completed and happily ready to release Pokemon True Gale - Demo 2.0

    Cool thing about this demo is that it's a first look at all the new features in-game. Let's check out what's gonna be inside.
    • Pokemon World Tournament
    • Quests + Who's That Pokemon!
    • 3 Gyms!
    • 3-4 Hours of Gameplay!
    • Random Matchup Competition!
    • New Music!
    • Sage Tournaments!
    • Updated HUD!
    • And lot's more, but you gotta play it to see!

    Credits list will be updated frequently as I continue to search for the users who allowed me to use their resources in game. If you find anyone's resources in-game that I haven't credited, please message me so I can add them.

    One last thing, Although I love fan-projects and what not, I'd really appreciate it if no one decides to take stuff from the game and use it however they please, I'v worked too hard and too long to have my work stolen. Thanks.

    Here you go: