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Atreyu - Thunder Dome, Cloud Server

I got you brotozoia

The words flickered along the bottom of Atreyu's vision and he smiled his wide, animal smile. It was always nicer working in a group than alone, but they would need a much larger group to take on the amount of monsters that were present in the dome. Regardless, Atreyu felt his heath being revitalised; the energy flowing into him and pumping him up. When he usually did raids, he often stayed back as DPS, however he knew little of cycling and rotation of moves and constantly died due to aggro-ing of the monsters. With the boost of health, the world became a blur as he began to swipe, strike and claw at the giant ape in front of him.

"Heal Me! Heal Me!" Ryuujinx cried out, "Tank! Tank!"

Cursing to himself, Atreyu enticed the Gorilla monster backwards as he tried to make his way back to where Ryuujinx had been felled by a horse headed man beast. The beast was about to pummel Ryuujinx into the ground when Atreyu came within distance of it. It turned and looked at him, it's weird, un-blinking eyes seeming to gaze into oblivion.

It roared and charged at him, headbutting Atreyu in the back causing him to stumble. His health fell more drastically now and if they didn't form a raid or dungeon group now, then they would all be slaughtered; their lives lost to pixels.

"Shaman, heal Ryuujinx once, then heal me twice," he roared as he now took a beating from two beasts, "Once Ryuujinx is at full health, concentrate on healing me, but keep an eye out for AoE's that may hit either of you two."

Atreyu roared as he felt a punch from the Gorilla make contact with his chest plate while the horse-man-beast collided with his back. "Keep back to avoid aggro!"

[GENERAL]: Tanks, aggro as many of the monsters as you can, and bring them together with me. Healers, focus on tanks, but keep an eye on DPS. DPS, blast these pixels with all you have! Unless you are a Tank, keep as far out as you can.

He had never been one to lead, but his entire life was on the line right now and they couldn't just sit around waiting for the pixels to be beaten out of their DAEMONs. It was now or never that they needed to make a stand.