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Recruiting Team Members
Team name: A Breeze Of Science
Team Leader: Ayutac (me), occasionally known as Naity, Wreos, Ubro or simply Author. But mainly Ayutac, when it comes to developing stuff.
Current Members: See credit list in thread link below.
Current Game title: Pokemon Dating Sim
Current progress made: Alpha V1.0 released, Alpha V2.0 under it's way.
Position(s) needed: Always Tracers and Writers, see thread link below. But was is new is that I need a Beta Tester: Someone, who spends a lot of time to explore every possibility of the game, to find bugs (and reports them to me) and give tips on balancing.
Timezone: I don't care.
Preferred Method of contact: e-Mail (for bugs to be urgent to fix), PM in this board or in the LemmaSoft Forums (to get my mail :P) and/or – if it is wished to have further influence on the game – the game's forum.
Link to game
Additional info: I have to polish the writer's instructions up, make a tutorial for the tracers and give the Beta Tester the current in-development Version of the game (something that is almost V1.1)

This recruitment ist still existing and I would like to remind you it always will be until this post is removed by me.
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