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    DLC is killing modern gaming. Skyrim DLC is one thing. That's the same thing as expansion packs. But I really miss the time, when you had to beat the game multiple times, with different characters, different routes, do challenges etc to get new costumes. Now? You have to PAY for the new costumes. Even games that do have secret costumes, mostly offer you some lame costumes, while releasing good ones as DLC.

    Example: Fist of the North Star Ken's Rage. Instead of unlocking the manga costumes after beating the Legend Mode with a character, you need to actually buy it. FOR EACH CHARACTER. Dynasty Warriors Gundam 3. Instead of unlocking some new characters after beating special missions, you need to buy them. Good thing that I don't care for Gundam 00 characters, but that's still terrible. I didn't get to play as Marida Cruz because of that. Warriors Orochi 3. HALF of the game is basically DLC. If I'm not mistaken, there are more DLC missions than Story Missions haha. Thank God, at least you don't have to buy Tekken characters (unlike SFxT where you actually have to buy 10 characters if I'm not mistaken).

    Thus, I dislike them just because they became a replacement for unlockables. DLC are good if they are actual expansions, made separately, and not at the same time as the original game and then locked.
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