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    Whats up I'm back with a new team decided to give weather a rest :/
    so here's my team

    suicide azelf
    yes I decided do dig it up works stupendously against people who dont know what suicide azelf does
    [email protected] focus sash
    naive 4/252/252
    fire blast
    stealth rocks

    a lot of people never seem to predict fire blast which I find stupid when I see azelf I immediately think of this set several times people have switched in their skarmory,scizor,ferrothorn,forretress and try to set up on me fire blast bye bye scizor or i use my free turn with the sturdy guys to taunt and stealth rocks up also politoed users never seem to use protect either they always hydro pump or ice beam if they over predict thats where I stealth rock and explode in their face never an OHKO but i might swap some ivs from sp.atk into atk because fire blast kills what it needs to without investment the 252 evs are just incase of the rogue taunt

    banded scizor nuff said
    [email protected] choice band
    adamant 4/252/252
    bullet punch

    your standard fair I need not explain it to anyone pursuit is very handy for the likes of starmie,reuniclus e.t.c.

    [email protected] orb
    impish 252/184/72

    this thing is an absolute tank anything it cant kill its usually fast enough to to sub protect stall to death the only problem Ive been having are steel types with air balloon oddly enough so I was thinking of replacing toxic with I dunno ice fang? duh its not very effective against steel types but its only purpose is to pop the balloon so I can kill it with earthquake an amazing thing id lke to share is scizor with 3 sword dances and a life orb cant kill him provided you have a sub up before he starts punching so dont worry about becoming set up fodder even sets that carry roost couldnt take it down and it was only a matter of him making a mistake before i 3hko with EQ it can hold its own on any team even stalling out the pp of conkeldurrs ice punch is hilarious

    scarf Terrakion
    [email protected] scarf
    close combat
    stone edge
    EQ(redundant I know but the only other decent move is sacred sword dont even try to reccomend quick attack I never have a spinner so if I have to switch I make sure I take a nice chunk first)

    excellent revenge kills anything really x scizzor never grants me an ohko when i need it however but it gets the jump on +1 gyarados and salamence(not sure about jolly) trying to come up with something for the sand match up when I switch into a tyranitar they inevitably switch into a ghost type and stone edge usually misses or fails to ohko and gengar still gets the ohko with focus blast even in sandstorm somehow?

    so those 4 are the core of my team I have my taunting suicide lead,revenge killing pursuit trapper,physical wall/staller and another revenge killer the following 2 pokes I've been swapping and swapping trying to find the best I can to suit my team

    special wall and volt/turn
    yep its [email protected]
    calm 248/28/232
    even with the bulky spread it seems to die relatively quickly to nuetral special hits
    volt switch
    will o wisp
    hydro pump
    hidden power ice( i dont know what to use instead but im terrible with pain split so i tend to stay away from it)

    before rotom-w I had tried milotic and jellicent Milotic was terrible and jellicent was ok but there are a lot of things it cant do anything to and I had to switch it out often and without a spinner it would die easily it was great for absorbing draco meteor however I was considering trying out heatran or tentacruel what do you think? please dont reccomend blissey its just too obvious for my opponent

    and finally hax-r-us
    DDance [email protected] berry
    adamant 36/252/220
    brick break(ferrothorn,tyranitar and air balloon steels also if I predict mamoswine though I never get the kill unless Im +1

    the goal of haxorus was to wait until my team wore down my opponent pop him in ddance and sweep I rarely get to a point where I bring him in I often defeat my opponent before that point and I've been thinking multi-scale dragonite would be a much better ddance sweeper but its next too impossible to obtain a multi-scale dragonite on my ds if I do get my hands on one it will get replaced :L moldbreaker comes in very handy sometimes too I chose lum berry over life orb because sometimes it would just die from recoil and because of the rise in popularity of techniloom I switch it in to absorb spore then kill breloom with outrage even unboosted It manages to 3hko a switched in heatran so its not bad and the little investment in hp seems to give it what it needs to get dragon dance off most of the time

    anyways thats my team please rate and comment all help would be appreciated mainly I want to find someone with nice special bulk that is of utmost importance and possibly a better suicide lead that knows taunt and can deal with steal types(not aerodactyl) and preferably a non-even pokemon but I do have deoxys and jirachi