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    Update #6 on my HeartGold grass monotype run, with the Elite Four defeated!

    -Got everyone to Level 47. Evolved Thyme into Bellossom!
    -Time for the Elite Four!
    -Will: Off to a shaky start as I miss Sleep Powder like three times in a row and then get critted with a U-turn. Yet Anise (Jumpluff) still survives! Still, that U-turning Xatu was really annoying. So was the second Xatu with its Aerial Ace. Other than those Xatu, and maybe Exeggutor (because of my bad judgment), Will wasn't too bad. I believe Ginger (Victreebel) was my MVP here.
    -Koga: This was my main worry coming into the Elite Four, because of my history with Golbat. Ariados was a bit scary at first because I found out that it had Insomnia. But with some help from Ginger and Sage (Tangrowth), I was able to get through Ariados, Venomoth, and Muk with little problem. Then the Crobat. I switched to Anise, and Poison Fang missed. Thanks to Anise's speed, I was able to plant a Leech Seed on Crobat right before it used Double Team! Sage was able to do some extra damage with Ancient Power too. Finally, Forretress was no problem, again because of Leech Seed. Sage was probably the MVP.
    -Bruno: Not too bad. Anise was able to take out his Hitmontop, Onix, and Hitmonlee all by herself before falling to Hitmonchan's Ice Punch. Still, I think she may have been able to pull off a Leech Seed before fainting. Chicory (Meganium) came in, set up Reflect, and destroyed Hitmonchan. He did well against Machamp (Cross Chop does only 30 damage!) until it got a crit. Poor crit magnet... Ginger finished the job. I'd definitely say Anise was the MVP here.
    -Karen: What a strange battle this was. I can't really remember much about it... :/ Well, I got a Leech Seed on Umbreon before it could start Double Teaming, so that was great. Then what happened next? Murkrow? Critical hit Pluck on Sage, but a critical OHKO Ancient Power in return. Let's see... Houndoom. The frightening one. Anise got off a Leech Seed and Sleep Powder, as usual. Gave me time to set up Light Screen with Chicory, maybe? And also switch off to Thyme (Bellossom)? Yeah, that sounds about right. I remember it being a battle of Flamethrower and the healing from Leech Seed, Drain Punch, and Shell Bell until that Houndoom went down. Ginger beat her Vileplume and got a Stun Spore on Gengar before getting paralyzed herself somehow. Cilantro (Sunflora) wrapped things up with Leech Seed and Sunnybeaming. Everyone did their part here; there's probably no one MVP.
    -Lance: Oh man, Lance. This was a painful battle. Gyarados went down simply enough (Anise survived an Ice Fang!) with Leech Seed, Sleep Powder, and Sunnybeam. However, the Sunny Day might not have been a good idea, as he sent out Charizard next... I kinda almost forgot about this. So, I got a Leech Seed off on it, but somehow it always wakes up really quickly. Because of that, I couldn't get an Ancient Power in. Eventually, it turned into a battle of attrition, as I was just setting and re-setting dual screens with Chicory and spamming healing items. He even used a Full Restore to prolong it. >_< I think Dragonite #1 was next. For the three Dragonite, I used pretty much the same strategy of Leech Seed, Sleep Powder if possible, and dual screens. Anyways, against Aerodactyl, I just spammed Ancient Powers. Unfortunately, two Ancient Powers left it with just a sliver of health, so that prompted the Full Restore. Pressure didn't allow me to use Ancient Power a lot either, so that was bad. Chicory finished it with Reflect and Petal Dance though. Dragonite #2 was his highest leveled one, but I think it was the slowest, which let me set up dual screens more effectively. I think this one had Safeguard too, so that was annoying. I had to use an X Speed on Dragonite #3 for the same advantage, but it turns out it had Thunder Wave. And I lost track of how many Full Restores he used throughout the battle... Anyways, we finally prevailed and I became Champion! ^-^ I'd say the MVPs were Chicory and Anise.

    Sorry for the tl;dr. >_<

    The team so far (after Lance):

    Chicory (Meganium, male) Lv. 48
    @Miracle Seed
    HP: 144/A: 92/D: 134/SpA: 99/SpD: 111/Spd: 98
    -Petal Dance
    -Light Screen

    Ginger (Victreebel, female) Lv. 48
    @Poison Barb
    HP: 139/A: 127/D: 81/SpA: 109/SpD: 69/Spd: 106
    -Leaf Blade
    -Sludge Bomb
    -Stun Spore
    -Leaf Storm

    Anise (Jumpluff, female) Lv. 48
    @Bright Powder
    HP: 136/A: 63/D: 87/SpA: 80/SpD: 105/Spd: 140
    -Giga Drain
    -Sleep Powder
    -Leech Seed

    Thyme (Bellossom, male) Lv. 47
    @Shell Bell
    HP: 149/A: 96/D: 97/SpA: 106/SpD: 115/Spd: 75
    -Drain Punch
    -Sleep Powder
    -Giga Drain

    Cilantro (Sunflora, male) Lv. 47
    @Quick Claw
    HP: 135/A: 89/D: 72/SpA: 124/SpD: 103/Spd: 61
    -Sunny Day
    -Leech Seed
    -Leaf Storm

    Sage (Tangrowth, male) Lv. 48
    Leaf Guard
    @Hard Stone
    HP: 157/A: 117/D: 154/SpA: 114/SpD: 58/Spd: 74
    -Mega Drain

    And here's the second update for FireRed. I currently have five badges.

    -Got through the S.S. Anne and beat the rival. I was doing fine until I misclicked Leech Seed right after seeding his Charmeleon. >_< Still won though. I think some evolutions happened on the ship (Gloom and Parasect).
    -Got through Lt. Surge's annoying trash and beat him with little problem. Always Leech Seed before Double Team gets terrible. ^-^ Got us the Thunder Badge anyways.

    -Taught Cut and Flash to Arugula (Gloom) and Cassava (Parasect), respectively.
    -Got through Rock Tunnel. My least favorite cave in Pokémon history, yet it wasn't as bad as I remembered.
    -Skipped Lavender Town and headed for Celadon to get the Tea. Gave the tea to the Saffron guard, and applied the cheat that enabled the National Dex. However, Fava (Seedot) was one level too high to learn Faint Attack upon evolving... Whoops. >_< I compensated with the TM for Thief when Fava evolved.
    -Celadon gym... Erika's Victreebel was problematic for some reason. I want to say because of Sleep Powder, but I don't really remember. But her Tangela and Vileplume were not as bad, so we got the Rainbow Badge from that battle. Oh yeah, Garlic evolved into a Venusaur sometime before this battle.

    -I think I should've done the Rocket Hideout before battling Erika. Despite the abundance of Poison-types, the gym was tougher.
    -Lavender's Pokémon Tower was not much problem. Garlic's Razor Leaf and Fava's Thief can pretty much OHKO the Gastly here.
    -Cleared the Snorlax and the routes around Fuschia City.
    -Went into the Safari Zone and caught Azuki, the Exeggcute. Also found a Leaf Stone, and caught some Paras for TinyMushrooms (I foolishly sold my first one...). Got Surf and Strength, and I taught Strength to Fava. Also evolved Arugula into a Vileplume.

    -Koga (he's in both updates =P) was pretty tough! I actually lost to him once because I'm stupid. Koffing's Selfdestruct took out Garlic, who was at about half HP. And his Weezing loves crits. I played smarter the second time and won the Soul Badge.

    -Finished the Fighting Dojo. Saved inside Silph Co.

    The team so far:

    Completed Solo Runs
    Treecko: FR (3 KOs) | HG (29 KOs)
    Buizel: Pt (5 KOs)