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Currently battling Lance for the 2nd time where he realized that having 3 Dragonites sucked and Garchomp was way better. I only brought a Level 34 Wobuffet, 79 Ampharos, and 80 Typhlosion.

He sends out Salamence, I use Power Gem on it w/ Ampharos.
He switches out to Garchomp and KOes Ampharos with EQ.
I put out Wobuffet holding a Focus Sash and Chomp uses EQ.
I then use Counter on Chomp, it dies. (YEAAAAAAAA)
His Gyarados manages to KO my 1 HP Wobuffet, I use revive on Ampharos.
Ampharos is back to use Discharge on Gyarados and it dies.
Dragonite is sent out by Lance and uses Draco Meteor on Ampharos (didn't die!)
Ampharos was healed by Full Restore, Dragonite misses on Draco Meteor
Ampharos uses Power Gem to kill Dragonite
Altaria was sent out, I use Power Gem twice for the win.

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