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Nearly finished with this run. Just a few more things to do...
- Defeated Koga
- Defeated Sabrina
- KO'd both Zapdos and Articuno for exp
- Defeated Blaine
- Went on a rampage on One and Three Islands and KO'd Moltres
- Defeated Giovanni
- Bought a couple more TMs for my team (I hate you Game Corner), still need a few more to finish their movesets
- Currently grinding at Victory Road
- Turns out that Lickitung are TERRIBLE.

Current team:
The Flower: Venusaur Lv. 49
Razor Leaf|Sleep Powder|Poison Powder

The Gift: Vaporeon Lv. 48
Surf|Aurora Beam|Bite|Quick Attack

The Attraction: Dodrio Lv. 49
Tri Attack|Drill Peck|Attract|Fly

The Duo: Porygon Lv. 47
Psychic|Ice Beam|Thunderbolt|Recover

The Valentine: Pinsir Lv. 48
Rock Slide|Brick Break|Earthquake|Focus Energy

The Pink: Lickitung Lv. 49
Return|Shadow Ball|Surf|Flamethrower
Terriermon and Lopmon

White: 1463 5558 5309
X: 2208 5685 5454
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