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    chapter 3; Climbing the Mountain of Adversity: A Duchess in the Rough! Part I
    Katherine Aldine // Pewter City

    "Here you are, miss," the nurse says cheerily, "Your Pokemon are fully restored! We wish you luck on your journey!" The pink-haired woman is holding a tray with three PokeBalls, each one housing one of Katherine Aldine's Pokemon.

    Katt smiles and takes the PokeBalls, pressing the release switch on each in turn to let out her Combusken, Lilligant and Emolga. "Thank you so much, Nurse Joy," the girl says.

    Nurse Joy smiles in return and says, "It's my job, miss. Besides, there's nothing quite as sad as an injured Pokemon." The nurse's own Pokemon, a Blissey, chirps in agreement.

    Katt nods, "Too true-"


    Huh? Katt turns to see a young Trainer bulldozing his way towards the service counter, a knocked out Magby in his arms. The boy reaches the counter and starts sniveling as he chokes out, "Please...Nurse Joy...My Spitfire...Please..."

    Nurse Joy immediately reacts, "Blissey, take Magby to the intensive care unit, stat!" Blissey cmes out from behind the counter and takes the fainted Pokemon from its crying Trainer. "Now, Albert, what happened to Spitfire?" Joy asks.

    The young boy, Albert, answers, "I thought...I thought maybe we'd be able to beat Brock but...We couldn't even handle his first Pokemon! Onix used one Rock Throw and now Spitfire's all beat up!" He starts to sob harder, "It's all my fault!"

    Katt, who up to this point was politely quiet, kneels down to Albert's level and places a soothing hand on his shoulder, "Hey now, no need for tears." She smiles and rubs a stray tear from the boy's cheek, "Listen, Spitfire battled because it wanted to, not because you made it, okay? It's not your fault that your Pokemon was hurt, and it won't hold it against you."

    Albert wipes the tear stains from his face and says, shakily, "Do you really think so?"

    Katt smiles, "Of course. My own Pokemon was injured in battle, but Sparky doesn't hold it against me." She turns her head to look at the small Pokemon, "Right, Sparky?"

    In response, Sparky lets off a weak Thundershock to hit Katt. The electrical shock causes Katt's hair to stand on end and makes her cringe, "Ugh. Bad example, but I promise everything will be fine."

    Albert chuckles, "Thanks, miss!" He runs towards the small lobby to wait for his Pokemon to recover. Katt rises to her feet and shoots a dirty look at Sparky, "Couldn't have spared me, huh?"

    Sparky simply looks away, "Emo!"

    Nurse Joy laughs, "Seems like your Emolga isn't very fond of you."

    "No, he's just stubborn," Katt answers. "So, Brock's quite the Gym Leader, hm?"

    "Yes," Nurse Joy says with a sigh, "Unfortunately, that means we constantly have Trainers coming in with injured Pokemon from trying to defeat him."

    Katt makes a face, "Is he really that tough?"

    "Yes, he's gotten stronger ever since he was defeated years ago by a young Trainer named Red," Joy explains.

    "Ah, well, thanks again, Nurse Joy," Katt says with a wave, "I have some training to do."

    "Good luck!" Nurse Joy calls as Katt and her Pokemon leave the Center.


    Outside of the Center, near Pewter's western end, Katt and her Pokemon are training vigorously! The area is mountainous, making it uninhabitable and, therefore, left alone by the city. Wild Pokemon appear here in abundance, including some odder varieties.

    "Alright, Thundershock, Sparky!" Katt calls! The Emolga looses a jolt of electricity, nailing a wild Pidove and sending the Pokemon to the ground!

    "Emo!" Sparky lands on a near-by ledge and smiles triumphantly.

    Katt opens her PokeDex and smiles, "Great! You're health levels are still high so we can train more!"

    "Training, did you say?"

    Katt turns around; standing atop the highest ledge in the immediate area, Katt sees a young woman dressed regally. She's holding a fan and looking at Katt with a calculating gaze. "Um, yes?" Katt answers, unsure.

    The girl on the ledge produces a PokeBall and throws it, "Altaria, come!" The girl jumps down from the ledge and is caught by a large, cloud-like Pokemon! The Pokemon gently lowers the girl to the ground before perching itself in a nearby tree. Upon closer inspection, Katt sees that the "cloud" are actually the bird Pokemon's body and wings! Protruding from the cloudy down is a long neck and bird head with two long, azure feathers.

    "If you are training, then we shall do battle," the enigmatic woman states.

    "Um, okay," Katt says, "I'm Katt, you are?"

    The girl flicks back a blonde curl from her shoulder, "I am known in Pewter City as Lady Melanie." Katt takes a note of the girl's appearance and quickly ascertains that the title of "Lady" fits: A frilly pink gown with red heels and blonde hair done up in a bun with rivulets cascading to her shoulders.

    "Okay then, my lady," Katt says a bit cheekily, "let us do battle!"

    Melanie smirks, "With pleasure. Altaria, use Sing!" The cloud bird lets out a cry and flys from the tree, trilling a sweet tune as it soars towards Sparky!

    "Sparky! Dodge it and use Charge!" Katt calls!

    "Emo!" Sparky jumps from his ledge and glides along the air, avoiding the attack and beginning to charge its energy!

    "Charge; such a blase tactic, no?" Melanie snickers, "You'll never win on the defensive, dear."

    "Oh yeah?" Katt says, "Use ThunderShock, now!" Emolga releases the amped-up electrical attack, zapping Altaria and sending it earthward!

    Melanie gasps, "Oh, you uncouth girl! Altaria, rise and use DragonBreath!" The Altaria struggles, but lifts itself up none the less and expels a bluish-gold flame from its mouth, aiming directly for Sparky!

    “Emo!” Sparky attempts to dodge the attack, but is caught on its left wing, sending the squirrel Pokemon spiraling to the ground!

    “Sparky! Get up and use Quick Attack to get out of there!” Katt cries. Sparky attempts to rise and is striken by paralysis!

    “Fufufu, didn’t you know DragonBreath causes paralysis in some cases?” Melanie mocks. “Altaria, darling, finish this quickly. Use Dragon Claw.”

    Altaria lets out a shrill cry and launches itself into the air before dive-bombing at Sparky with claws at the ready!

    “Sparky! Try and move!” Katt cries desperately.

    “Emo!” Sparky attempts to escape, but finds itself unable to move. The paralysis has constricted the Emolga’s body entirely!

    “Altaria!” The large cloud-bird makes contact and Sparky is sent flying into a rock face!

    “Emo…” Sparky hits the rock face hard, slumping to the ground in defeat.

    “Sparky!” Katt runs over to her fainted Pokemon and sighs, “And we just got you healed up too…” Taking Sparky in her arms, the girl rises to her feet and turns to Melanie, “That was a good battle, my lady.”

    “Oh, don’t flatter yourself,” Melanie says icily, “I was hoping for someone who’d give my Altaria a run for her money, but all I got was an inexperienced girl who doesn’t know how to battle. Come, Altaria.” The rude young woman makes to leave with her Altaria following close behind.

    Katt just frowns as Lily and Phoenix run over to join her, “What’s her problem?...” Looking at Sparky, she frowns, “You’re a tough little guy, Sparky. Let’s get you healed up…”


    “Alright, Katt, here is your Emolga, all healed up,” Nurse Joy says with a smile.

    “Thanks, Nurse Joy,” Katt says. Clicking the release on the PokeBall, Sparky comes out and lands on Katt’s head.

    “Emo.” The Emolga looks sad, apparently disappointed in its inability to defeat Altaria.

    “So what happened that got you to rush back here so quickly?” Joy asked.

    Katt made a face, “This stupid perfumed-sourpuss near the mountains at the west-end of the city beat my Emolga with her Altaria…”

    Joy laughs, “Oh, you had a run-in with Lady Melanie, did you?”

    “You know her?” Katt inquires.

    “Well, yes. Everyone in Pewter knows Melanie. She’s the Duchess-to-be of the Pewter House. They’re the oldest and wealthiest family in all of Pewter City.”

    “Huh?!” Katt is obviously caught off-guard, “This girl’s a Duchess?!”

    Joy nods, “Though why she was in the mountains without her valet is beyond me. Lady Melanie usually strolls through town looking for challengers once or twice a day. She’s a very skilled battler, despite her upbringings.”

    Katt mulls this over before saying, “Can you give me the address of the Pewter House? I believe Lady Melanie owes me a rematch.”

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