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    3-2; GET STONED
    Zoey Wyrmoki / / Route 2
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    The skies above transform into the darker blue hues signifying the coming of night. Nonetheless, Zoey continues her training, trying to teach her Zovy to fly. The girls have been at it for nearly an hour, but the progress that has been made is barely noticeable. Zovy plummets to the ground continuously, struggling to synchronize her wing rotation and take-off time all while keeping her beady little eyes open. Sweat pours from her brows, breathing heavily from exhaustion as she pushes her bruised up body to continue her training. Zoey tosses Zovy into the air over a thick grassy field, but instead of making another attempt to fly, her wings collapse to her side as she plops onto the ground like a rock, immobile from exhaustion.

    "Zovy!" Zoey rushes to Zovy's beaten body, concerning over her swablu's health.

    Scooping up Zovy, she tweets softly, nestling her worn out physique against her trainer's warm hands. Zoey smiles at Zovy, whipping out a potion from her pack and gives Zovy a little spray.

    "You did a lot of work today!" she praises Zovy, chirping hoarsely but contentedly to her trainer's words.

    Zoey carries her chick back towards the road towards Pewter City, finding the base of a tree by the road side to sit herself down. Zovy rolls into her trainer's lap, cuddling herself up between her nest-like thighs while lulling herself to sleep. Zoey digs through her pack, finding a canister of Zovy's medicine milk and her bird's nursing bottle. She pours the nutritious milk into the bottle, twisting both shut and returning the near empty canister into her bag. Her hand guides the filled bottle up to Zovy's beak, poking at it until the swablu opens up to receive her treatment. A minute passes before Zovy empties her bottle, falling asleep between her trainer's legs. Zoey places her bottle back into her bag, giving Zovy a few moments of rest before she stands herself up, cradling her bird in her arms while alternating arms to sling her bag over her shoulder.

    "Why don't we enjoy the evening walk together?" Zoey requests, resting a drowsy Zovy between her arms as opposed to slipping her Pokemon back inside her pokeball. "It's beautiful out here in the evening."

    The young trainer marvels at the spectacular color display of the sky. The western sky still retains shades of bright oranges and yellows, but overhead and to the east the sky quickly takes on a dark blue and purple pigment. The mix of deciduous and coniferous trees crisscrossing the green, hilly landscape overlooking Pewter Valley gives the whole region a peaceful, natural appearance, long shadows casting themselves eastward as the sun sets. Trainer and Pokemon continue downhill on the twisting dirt path, finding themselves ever closer to Pewter City. Several minutes pass by before Zoey catches sight of a few rural houses, small ranches and fields, and even some large farms making the best out of the uneven landscape. They must be in the outskirts of Pewter City by now. More time passes, the western skies losing its yellow streak to encroaching expanses of bright blue. Shadows dim from a waning source of light, but this is remedied as streetlights begin to line Zoey's path towards the city. Her path begins straightening out from proximity to the city, the sounds of emerging nocturnal forest clamor coming forth to illustrate the transition towards the night.

    Further down the road, the fluttering of a bird lands in the path's center, inspecting the location of its landing while hopping around to examine it from all angles. Zoey approaches the peculiar Pokemon, watching it pick apart the road for some reason. She reaches into her pokedex to scan the creature, finding out its identity to be Pidove, the Tiny Pigeon Pokemon. Squinting towards Pidove's immediate area, she finds a small pile of food crumbs, carelessly discarded by some person who apparently couldn't care less about keeping the roads clean. Well, at least the bird is willing to clean up after that person, whoever they are, and is getting its dinner as well. Perhaps nature finds a way to balance itself out. Zovy churns in Zoey's arms, blinking slowly to take in her surroundings before her sight locks on to Pidove, similar to her trainer. Zoey watches her swablu wake, glancing back at the Pidove for a few additional seconds, thoughts rolling through her weary mind.

    "I know!" Zoey exclaims, taking a few additional steps before she places an unsuspecting Zovy onto the ground. "Why don't we see how to fly from an expert?"

    Zovy yawns, blinking up at her trainer with a puzzled look. Zoey simply smiles, pointing at Pidove which directs Zovy's attention to the other bird Pokemon.

    "I think a Pidove will do just fine," Zoey declares with confidence over her decision. "Let's get some first hand experience against an opponent accustomed to navigating the skies. I think Pidove should be a great opponent for you to get some useful experience from."

    Her bird tweets at her, tilting her head hesitantly, but nonetheless fixes on the Pidove before her, gorging itself off of someone else's trash. She lifts her small right talon, chirping softly with a frown towards her trainer.

    "Oh, don't worry!" reassures Zoey, squatting down to her nervous swablu to pat her head. "I know you're worn out from today's training, but this is a great opportunity for us! I'm sure Pidove will be an appropriate opponent for your level."

    Zovy remains reluctant but stomachs the positive words of her trainer. Facing the Pidove once again, she hops a few times across the ground, eyeing the gray bird closely to watch its moves. The Pidove finally notices the two, halting its evening meal to scan its two onlookers warily. Flapping its wings a few times, the pigeon considers the intentions of its observers.

    "Watch its wing motion and burn it into your memory, Zovy!" Zoey encourages her blue bird.
    "Let's start this off with the edge!" she proclaims, readying for battle. "Do you think you can use Fury Attack?"

    Zovy glances at Zovy, angling her posture as if she is shrugging. Her trainer reacts, flattening her left hand while keeping her fingers against each other, thrusting her hand out and in.

    "Like this! It's like Peck, but your attack is continuous and relentless!" she demonstrates, using her hand motion to simulate the appearance of the attack directed.

    The blue bird, acknowledging her trainer's instruction, hops hastily towards the gray bird, aiming her beak for Pidove's core. However, Pidove takes the initiative, launching itself into the air above the battlefield. Whipping up a Gust of wind with its furious wings, a ball of swirling air rushes towards Zovy's position.

    "Quick, Zovy!" Zoey warns her swablu of impending danger." Dodge to your right and take Pidove out of the air! Use Sing!"

    The Gust moves too fast, blasting Zovy with the harsh sphere of air molecules. Zovy is sent rolling backwards before coming to a stop by Zoey's feet, but nonetheless finds her feet, only to find her eyes lock directly onto Pidove's fierce, Leering gaze.

    "Zovy, look out!"

    Her hesitation from the Leer gets the best of her, leaving her ripe for an assault from Pidove. The gray bird smashes into Zovy at high speed, causing her to fall onto her backside from the wild bird's Quick Attack. Her recovery takes longer as her opponent ascends higher into the air, circling above her watchfully, but she nevertheless finds her feet, keeping her eyes on Pidove's soaring location.

    "You okay, Zovy?" Zoey asks Zovy who responds by hopping a few times ahead of her trainer, moving slower from weakness but manages to survive the damage done to her earlier.

    "Good! This time wait for Pidove to descend and take him by surprise with Peck!"

    Zovy takes her trainer's suggestion into consideration, scoping out the skies for Pidove's position to react to his moves. However, Pidove already has dropped altitude towards the ground, stopping short of colliding with Zovy to flex his wings back for another Gust. Zovy uses the proximity to her advantage though, leaping to her right before Pidove's blast of air can crash into her. She lunges at the gray bird's side, smacking him just under his wing which sends him stumbling across the ground from the impact.

    "This is it!" Zoey alerts her Pokemon to the opportunity. "Chase after Pidove and use Fury Attack before he can recover!"

    Zovy follows her orders, skipping across the dirt path towards the reeling gray bird. However, a breeze of wind takes her by surprise, whisking her body slightly into the air while inadvertently lifting her wings. To Zoey's amazement, Zovy rotates her wings furiously in a struggle to escape the wind but stabilizes after the wind finds her backside, gliding at a faster speed towards Pidove. Pidove meanwhile finds his feet, but before he can react to Zovy, she startles him with a piercing from her beak. The two stumble over each other from the momentum of Zovy's attack, finding themselves in some short grass off to the side of the road.

    "Keep up your Fury Attack!" Zoey proclaims loudly, ensuring that Zovy doesn't lose a chance to take an advantage.

    Finding herself on top of a squirming Pidove, her beak promptly slams into the gray pigeon's body after receiving her trainer's directive. Repetitively piercing at Pidove's grounded body, Fury Attack makes its mark against the defenseless avian. Pidove manages to escape Zovy's wrath, however, facing his blue opponent with a contorted gesture. Angrily, he chirps aggressively at the swablu, Growling to intimidate his sensitive opponent. She struts backwards, disarmed by his reaction, taking the opportunity to strike her with another Quick Attack. Stumbling backwards several yards, her body slows to a stop, but this time she squirms in order to right herself but finds it difficult to recoup.

    "Zovy!" Zoey shouts with concern. "Get up!"

    Pidove chooses not to let her strike again however, leaping into the air where he summons up another Gust directed at Zovy. Helplessly scrambling on the ground, Zovy finds herself unable to avoid the impending attack.

    "Sing, Zovy!" her trainer suggests, covering up her own ears with her hands to remain awake.

    Zovy proceeds to utter a peculiar melody, drifting through the air in all directions. Despite the building, swirling air around Pidove's wings, his ears receive the Song chirping forth from his opponent's beak. Her mesmerizing tune penetrates the gray bird's building assault, dissipating the currents of air in front of him before his body begins to descend at escalating speeds before his body smacks the ground hard, asleep. Soon after, Zovy rolls over to her side, reaching her talons out towards the dirt ground to erect herself. Shaking off the dirt on her body, she takes the opportunity to recover, breathing heavily from fatigue.

    "Great, Zovy!" Zoey commends her swablu's feat. "This is our chance to win! Peck Pidove before he can wake up!"

    Weakened from battle, Zovy finds herself barely able to act from malaise and injury. She nearly stumbles onto the dirt road beneath her, but manages to keep herself stable. Zovy tries to catch her breath, using up precious time she doesn't have. Her efforts bear fruit however, as she begins skipping across the ground towards Pidove, using her momentum to carry her most of the way before her beak collides with Pidove, using Peck. The attack forces Pidove to consciousness, Leering angrily at his opponent. Zovy squawks fearfully, startled by the gray bird's sudden hostile stare. In no time, Pidove kicks up another Gust with his wings, whipping her from her feet up into the air. Defenseless in such an environment, she tries to flail her untrained wings, but still can't seem to find a way to escape the spiraling winds. Pidove soars towards feeble Zovy, blasting her out of the sky with his Quick Attack. She hurdles towards the ground, slamming her head onto the hard dirt road before her talons return to the ground, out cold from the harsh battle.

    "D-dammit!" Zoey hisses angrily, rushing over to Zovy's side.

    "Are you alright?" she probes her Pokemon's health, looking her over to spot her injuries.

    Zoey scoops up Zovy, frowning in disappointment over Zovy's narrow loss. Nonetheless, she allows her blue bird a chance to rest for a good while, calling back Zovy into her pokeball. Unfortunately for Zoey, Pidove is far from content with the outcome. His path descends swiftly, chasing after her for the disrupting battle. Zoey yelps in surprise, hastily erecting herself before scurrying away to safety.

    "Dammit, leave me alone!" Zoey yells in frustration, reaching into her bag to exchange pokeballs. "Vuowth! Take this bastard out!"

    Vuowth appears behind Zoey in a blink of an eye, startling the oncoming Pidove as he speeds towards the both of them. Zoey pivots around to watch the next phase of the battle but instead finds a shocking scene. Grasped between Vuowth's clawed hands is Pidove, both outspread wings caught in her claws, rendering the bird motionless. Vuowth stares down the disruptive bird with her vicious Leer, causing the gray bird to sweat from fear. The lizard cocks her head back to glance at her trainer, glaring at Zoey angrily for some reason. Perhaps her trainer disrupted the grass-type's pleasant beauty sleep simply to take on scrawny trash for an opponent. How inconsiderate.

    "Sorry Vuowth!" Zoey acknowledges her grovyle's frustration with her. "Would you mind helping me out?"

    "Groo!" she hisses sassily at her trainer, glaring at Zoey with a scowl.

    "Uh, okay, thanks!" Zoey tries to ease the tension between the two, but something tells her than anything she'd say to reconcile their differences would be in vain.

    "Let's... start with Absorb!"

    Vuowth, as usual, has another idea, tossing Pidove out into the open air violently. For whatever reason, she gives up her tactical advantage, shocking Zoey due to her Pokemon's frankly stupid actions.

    "What the hell is she trying to do!?" Zoey stomps her foot in frustration. "She keeps making poor judgments!"

    Still, Pidove is far too enfeebled by his earlier battle with Zovy. Fluctuating inconsistently in the air, his wings struggle to keep him airborne, not too mention the force with which Vuowth tossed him he likely sustained additional injuries. Vuowth grins at Pidove's state, stretching out her arms anxiously to loosen them up. She takes the battle into her own claws, taking off towards Pidove where her claws slam into the bird's weak physique. The gray bird smacks the ground with a solid thud from Vuowth's Pursuit. With a single blow, the *****y grovyle ends the battle as brutally as possible. Nobody disrupts her naps. Nobody.
    "Vuowth!" Zoey shouts disapprovingly towards her defiant green lizard. "I know you're upset with me and I'm glad you lent me a hand but I can't have you going off doing whatever you want! We can't win battles that way! Not against strong opponents!"

    The grass-type shifts her gaze towards Zoey, hissing angrily at her trainer while playing with Pidove's unconscious body between her feet. Her frown doesn't dissuade Zoey's attempts at diplomacy. Approaching Vuowth sternly, she tries to rectify their relationship, smiling accepting towards skeptical Vuowth.

    "Why do you not like listening to me?" she interrogates, "Do you not like me? Is it that you don't like battling? Or do you just not like my orders?"

    Vuowth's eyes widen slightly at the third suggesting, tilting her head down slightly, answering Zoey with a single, slow nod. The reptile's demeanor remains cold however, scouring her trainer with her apprehensive eyes.

    "Oh... well..." Zoey mulls over potential solutions tumbling around in her head. "Do you think there's something wrong with my orders? Or is it maybe you'd rather just do your own thing?"

    "Groovyle!" Vuowth responds, lifting up two of her claws slightly while her right arm crosses her torso.

    "The second?" Zoey asks to which Vuowth replies with her same, slow nod.

    "Okay... but how will we be able to work together?" Zoey inquires, but Vuowth shrugs dismissively, not showing any interest in cooperating.

    Zoey sighs, frustrated by her grass-type's rebellious behavior. "Fine. We'll work on this tomorrow, but the gym battle up ahead isn't going to be won by us getting to do 'whatever we want'. Life doesn't work that way. We're partners, and until you learn to respect that, you won't enjoy battling."

    Without another word, Zoey withdraws Vuowth back inside her pokeball, sighing as she places the ball in her pink bag before zipping it up. The sky has drifted into a monochromatic canvas, dyed a dark blue with the twinkling of a few stars making their presence known due to the growing vacuum of light. Beyond the girl, streetlights line the side of the road, illuminating the path into Pewter City straight ahead. Her disobedient and weak Pokemon would have to be addressed tomorrow, especially in preparation for the gym battle. Zovy needs treatment at the Pokemon Center too and Zoey will need a place to rest for the night, so reaching the city will be important before it gets too late. With that on her mind, Zoey continues down the road, finally on the verge of reaching her first major destination as an upstart trainer: Pewter City.

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