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Snype gave off a menacing smirk. She seemed nervous. Well, may as well add onto that. Snype walked closer to her with a smirk. He knew that she was hiding something but why not play around a bit? Whoever intruded was either long gone or deep in hiding by now. Whatever the case, she knew who and where this intruder was. Snype thought so at least. He noticed a bit of land that seemed out of place. Maybe that was the whole dig business. It was pretty large also.

Snype approached Veletra and stood directly in front of her, giving her his usual large smile. "Just what are you doing back here? Clearly the ancients are looking around for a... certain intruder. I assumed everyone would cooperate so that no harm would be done." Snype snickered and put and arm around the back of her neck as if they were buddies. He put a finger under her chin. "I'd hate to see what would happen if somebody was hiding information from us... red wouldn't be a good color on you... kehehe..." Snype said. He stayed uncomfortably close to her. "...whats this about using Dig? I know your species can't use that move... you'd need someone else! Kehehe..." Snype added.

Trainer Academy RP Pokemon
Snype (Sableye)- Lv. 52- Detect, Shadow Sneak, Will-o-wisp, Low Sweep, Foul Play, Taunt (Ability: Keen Eye)
Commodore (Porygon-Z)- Lv. 55 -Signal beam, Conversion 2, Recover, Tri Attack, Ice Beam, Trick Room (Ability: Trace)
Len (Poliwraith)- Lv. 53- Bubblebeam, Brick Break, Body Slam, Belly Drum, Sleep Talk, Rest (Ability: Water Absorb)
Able (Ninjask)- Lv. 46 - X-Scissor, Slash, Double Team, Protect, Baton Pass, Swords Dance (Ability: Speed Boost)
Kara (Gligar) Lv. 35 Acrobatics, Substitute, Fury Cutter, Knock Off, Slash,Toxic (Ability: Poison Heal)
Xerox (Ditto) Lv. 35 Transform (Ability: Imposter)

(In Box)
Shedinja- Lv. 35 Fury Swipes, Confuse Ray, Sand attack, Leech Life, Mind Reader, Scratch (Ability: Wonder Guard)
Omanyte- Lv. 35 Brine, Mud Shot, Rollout, Ice Beam, Protect, Bite
(Ability: Swift Swim)