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    update #5

    went to the PWT
    found the entrance to relic passage
    Found tm10Hidden power and taught it to everyone
    entered the pwt
    learned Rocketman's HP type of water
    i won the PWT drifval tourment
    Hugh and Cheren run off towards the sight of team plasma
    team plasma surrounds us and then fights us
    We take care of two of them and then go help cheren out
    learned Riane's HP type of steel wow what terrible luck
    learned Jasmine's HP type of Poison again terrible Hp types
    learned blueberry's HP type of Grass eh thats abit better but not really
    learned Tina's HP type of Fire ugh fire really? thats a waste of a move slot not that i was using faint attack anyways
    the reason i taught everyone hidden power was because i wanted to have a fighting type attack or an electric type
    went north to route 6
    we were almost done with the route until we heard a KABRAHH from Cobalion who then ran off out of sight
    we entered the chargestone cave and found bianca
    found the exit to the cave and ended up in mistralton
    Professor Juniper is here and we finally get to meet her in person.
    we head off for celeistal tower to find professor juniper
    juniper asked if we had gotten the gym bagde yet or not so i went back to the pokecenter
    Challenged Juan who was in the pokecenter so very close stallrein vs Tina last poke standing bewteen us both and Tina Won woo
    stallrein had both surf and earthquake and yet tina still pulled through awesome
    also blueberry's HP is not grass as it wasnt super effective against whiscash
    challenged Skyla its a triple battle on challenge mode
    skyla is a hacker D: braviry was on the left side and it used brave bird on rocketman who was on the right side
    but thats besides the point if blizzard hadn't of missed the fight would of been over in 2 turns
    we got the jet bagde only 2 left to go until the E4

    Team so far
    Rocketman Genesect
    lvl 50 serious nature
    thunderbolt/flame charge/metal claw/Hidden power(water)

    Deadmau Quadsire
    lvl 49 relaxed nature
    Aqua tail/yawn/Hidden Power(bug maybe)/earthquake

    Tina Ninetales
    lvl 49 Careful nature
    Flamethrower/will-0-wisp/extrasensory/Hidden power(fire)

    Riane Golem
    lvl 49 Docile nature
    Rock polish/Rock blast/eathquake/Hidden power(steel)

    jasmine Leafeon
    lvl 49 Mild nature
    Dragon Rush/leaf blade/psycho cut/swords dance

    Blueberry Glaceon
    lvl 51 hasty nature
    Hidden power(fire/water maybe??dunno)/Frost breath/blizzard/earth power