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    Originally Posted by awipe1 View Post
    I don't get what i'm doing wrong! I followed your tutorial PERFECTLY except I wanted 20 OWs instead of 1, so at step 7, instead of putting a 1 in the SpriteCount, I put a 20.

    My problem is when I go to OverworldEditor, I can only edit the first index, once I try to go to index 1,2,3,4 ... ect, I keep getting errors! I get an error that says:
    "Error 63 (Bad Record Number) in prodecure LoadSpriteStructure of frmOverworldEditor".

    Can someone please tell me what I am doing wrong!?!
    OWERE has a control on how many overworlds and frames you can have based on the original.

    Use NSE classic in professional view or whatever and turn off all boundarys.

    Remember to create and edit the ini file if necessary. Instructions for it are in the readme that goes with NSE.

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