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    Kiki boldly walked through the front doors. She gazed around thoughtfully, taking in the tattered room, the rather large amounts of footprints and scuff marks all over the place... And was that a scorch mark? How odd. It seemed as if people had been in here not too long ago. And that hallway looked like an all out brawl had occurred. Maybe it would be best NOT to go that way. She turned, having an odd feeling on the back of her neck, and saw a boy. He had the most bizarre teal eyes she had ever seen, like they had no pupils. He was wearing black all over, and looked too young to be a trainer. When she turned back to get a better look he was gone. Well that was odd. She looked at Shawn.

    "Did you see that?" she asked, though of course he hadn't. He was looking at the stairs, where a light was just barely visible. The dust on the stairs didn't seem touched, meaning no one had been upstairs recently. Kiki suddenly felt very uneasy. She picked up Cynder and held the mous close, more for her own comfort than anything else. So which way... Go after the weird boy that she wasn't even sure she had seen or follow the light.

    Well following the light in that cave so long ago had kept her sa- ... ... ... What? She felt something very odd, and a flash of memory hit her. With a weak groan she fell to her knees and dropped Cynder, her hands over her head. She thought she could hear a voice, but no...It wasn't real in the present, it was in her mind... What was it saying? Rest easy chi- ... ... ... Why couldn't she remember!? It was like as the memories came to her something stopped them, disrupting her already scattered and shattered mind. She wasn't sure anymore... Had she even been in a cave? Was she in one now? Quil! Where was Quil!? Wait, Quil was d- ... She shook her head. What was going on? She could sense... someone nearby, but her it was didn't compute. She found herself on the floor now, an aching pain in her mind, a cyndaquil licking at her face, squeaking sacredly at the two boys nearby.

    (The above spoiler is Kiki's perspective on what happened to her. Here is what happened from an outside perspective.)

    Cynder squeaked a bit as she was suddenly picked up. The look on Kiki's face was one of sadness and then confusion. Suddenly she was dropped as the girl fell down, clutching her head.

    "G-guh... Lugia..." she said weakly, though her voice was weak, almost hurt. Cynder squeaked with alarm, seeing Kiki fall to the side, her eyes closed and climbed on her chest, licking at her face.

    "Quil, cyndaquil!" she cried, trying to get Kiki to open her eyes. When she did so, for a moment it seemed like... Like she didn't even know her own friends. What had happened, what was going on? Why was her Mama on the ground?


    Drake was distracted by Mana's odd and absurd behavior so much that he didn't notice Valorie walk away to talk to Mark. He glanced down when he felt something tugging his pants. He looked down and spotted Kiyoko and blinked a bit, then chuckled and picked him up so he could see where they were going.

    "Of course, what do you want?" he said, gesturing toward the food. With that he decided to move. Valorie was... Oh there, with Mark. She would catch up eventually. He trusted her not to make a huge scene, but given the tempers of most dragons tamers, himself included, she might just do that. Oh well, he wouldn't be too shocked either way but he hoped she had more self control than he would have in that situation.

    "Hey Val, we'll get some food. Catch up with us later, ok?" Drake said in an offhand voice as he walked to the food tables behind Mana. He idly wondered if Killik was going to follow. Of the group he seemed to be the loner.
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