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    Originally Posted by Corp View Post
    Oh, okay. Well, If I really did like Ultimate End- which I did- then if it's that much better, I might consider it. It's just annoying to me to not be able to continue
    I know that feeling, I don't play most other hacks either unless they're either completed or canceled at that certain moment. But go for beta 4, you won't miss anything if you do!

    Originally Posted by jwibagi View Post
    If you are willing to change the palettes, I say go with Palette 04. As for the player: I always thought Cactus should be green, I am wondering if anyone else agrees.
    I don't know... I have always pictured him being orange as that one just feels so more natural (to me at least).

    By the way, jwibagi here has been testing a version that could be called "pre-beta 4". I've gotten a lot of feedback from him and looks like he has also been able to "put some sticks in the wheels" (can't tell if this means anything either, it's just a rough translation to english of a sentence used in my country). So in other words, it looks like I'll be having more work to do than I thought to finish beta 4. I really like finishing everything once and for all, not having to re-do the same parts over and over again for further versions.
    Beta 4 may not come out this Spring like I had intended but I'll let you guys know more about it when I get more work done
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