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So basically what I want to do is make it so that the game thinks you already visited the pokemon center of a town. So that you can use fly at the very beginning of the game to get to all the towns.

I looked at the level script for the poke-centers and this is what came up.
Game: Fire Red
Editor: exe (extreme script editor)
#org 0x16B0FA
sethealingplace 0x5 (Note: number for sethealingplace 0x gets higher each town and starts at 0x0 at your hometown)

Is this the code that makes the game recognize that flying to that pokemon center is enabled? Or do I need to set something else? I could make it so that my creepy pasta game is supposed to be played through normally, but setting the fly stuff to be working would make testing it sooo much easier. (And recording it for youtube videos)