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    I would like to add a list of the small stuff that ive changed... mostly so I can keep track...
    they wont be in any particular order, just when I think of something and do it (or have already done it) ill add it to the list:

    PokeCenter Nurse text has been edited
    Hidden map with Mew
    There is a 1 time fill of your coin case in the Rocket Hideout (in the room with Giovanni)
    Moon Stone and Sun Stone are for sale in the Celedon PokeMart
    The Mystic Ticket and Aurora Ticket are for sale in the Island 7 PokeMart
    BoatMan does not check for a Nintendo event, only for the tickets
    Mew obeys trainers
    Bills Machine has been modified to work properly
    Picking up the Fossils in Mt. Moon makes the 2 new Mystical Dog events disappear
    Completing the Ruby/Sapphire sidequest makes all 3 Mystical Dog events appear depending on your starter
    Indigo Plataea has max revives and pp max for sale
    The guy you get the Fossils from has new text
    Karate Master has new text
    The four island poke mart gets exotic pokeballs once it gets it full line of items (aswell as new text)
    Bill has new text after the One Island quest.
    National dex is given immediately.
    Guaranteed to find at least 1 Shiny Pokemon

    and thats all i can recall for now...

    Thank you