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    Marcus was chilled to the bone by the time the rain subsided, leaving a thin layer of mist in the alley. Pikachu's which had been eager enemies a few minutes ago looked at him with curiosity after his declaration. They no longer seemed to want to fight, but to just get their friends and treat their injuries. As Pikachu after Pikachu left, taking many of their fainted friends with them, one remained.

    The one that had started everything.

    It looked at Marcus, with longing which he didn't understand, even exchanging a curious glance with Snorunt about it until he noticed its gaze directed at a pokeball on his belt. Smirking, he grabbed the device, pushing the button to enlarge it as he walked towards Pikachu. "I see you finally saw my side of things. You know this could have all been avoided, but you insisted on fighting. Let's hope that in the future we both can learn to be better when it comes to peaceful negotiations, yet get to be strong enough to come out on top should that fail." Marcus tapped the head of the Pokemon with the ball, letting the device abosrb the Pokemon into it without a fight.

    He, in all honesty, had done enough to warrant that already.

    "Come on Snorunt, let's go get healed before something else happens," Marcus stated as he grabbed the backpack containing the egg, carefully slinging the backpack over his shoulder as he and his Pokemon left the alley.

    "I see you caught Dolce." The nurse congradulated as she handed him a tray holding his four enlarged pokeballs.


    "Yep. It was the name he had before his trainer ditched him. I was worried about him, but he didn't trust anyone enough to let them help him. You must have done something amazing to get him to join you, so please don't prove his decision to trust again wrong." She warned.

    "I won't," Marcus stated, "I know how strong he is so I am not at all worried about him falling behind. I'm not the type to give up on stuff I invest my time in anyway." Marcus laughed as he left, determined to travel around the city so he could get his clothes to dry faster.
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