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    Originally Posted by X3 View Post
    I just came across this thread today when I was thinking of making a Pokemon TCG, I thought 'Why bother if someones already making one right?' So how far have you actually got with this whole project, in terms of programming and such?
    That was my thought when I made this thread. Turns out I started making my own anyway.

    I've already put an alpha out which includes a library/deck builder and half of a duel, plus many background scripts which support it all (like the compilers). There's a link in here somewhere, and I'll get round to editing the first post to include the latest information.

    Originally Posted by Ooka View Post
    Sorry, I'm replying without reading the thread yet, I'll get to that later this evening probably.

    I'd like to contribute (inb4 fullmetal stabs me xDD). Is the interface going to be an exact clone of the old games, or are you trying to reinvent it to a nicer, newer interface?

    I could help with that (I'm a graphic designer by trade), or with coding.
    That's very nice to hear. Your skills will be very welcome, as soon as I come up with an actual list of what needs doing.

    As far as the visual style goes, I'm replicating the Asobikata game, albeit with a few tweaks to suit a single screen and keyboard controls. That game doesn't have any visuals for anything other than duels, though, so I'm making up other screens (e.g. Library, Card Dex) as I go along - they could certainly use improvements, if you want to have a go at them.

    Have a play with my alpha first, see how things work.
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