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    Originally Posted by Elendil View Post
    Since we're still on the topic, I have to say that having a PC feels more right then anything, because after experiencing the best the PS2/Xbox generation can offer, I just bought a PS2 a couple of years ago and I'm only 20 games of like 60-70, I feel like there is no justification for the current state of gaming, and I feel more in tune with why a lot of people will go for PC instead of the next consoles. Bar the racing genre which is a beast of a genre compared to last gen, there is no genre out there that has otherwise evolved, perhaps maybe sandbox games. Everything was basically perfected on the PS2 if you go by all the other genres that are for this gen. RPGs? PS2 easily has the best of all time, alongside the DS. Action/Adventure? Beyond good and Evil, DMC3, The Jak trilogy, the Sly Trilogy, Maximo, Rygar, etc all were shining examples. Shooters? Well this gen certainly did have a lot of em, but did they really go far? I mean seriously, you had Psy-ops, Timesplitters, all those bond games, Black which was MW before MW, Syphon Filter, etc. Horror is as good as dead on consoles, with indie PC efforts making more splashes. I truly do not want to buy any console other then Nintendo's own from here on out, not because it would be cheaper as I was considering in 2006, but cause there's no reason too, as of now, when I see why so many were disappointed with the consoles. Sure things picked up, but they picked up too slowly for many, and next gen is going to continue with this subpar route for god knows how long.
    Actually, fighters and platformers this generation completely trump last gen's. The former was completely scarce and basically dead until Street Fighter 4 decided to roll in and revive the genre in 2009. I mean, sure you got Tekken, and while Tag Tournament was a great PS2 launch game, 4 was disappointing. 5 got a port later on the PS3/360 with online that ultimately made it the definitive version. That said actually, online was also a huge part in the genre's return.

    Good platformers were pretty much rare last gen however. The GBA was the only viable hardware if you wanted good platformers, but most of them were ports, and the only notable original platformers were Wario Land 4, Mario vs Donkey Kong and the 2 surprisingly great Crash Bandicoot games. (Mind you, I haven't played DK: King of Swings but if Jungle Climber is anything to go by I'm sure it's pretty good, but really gimmicky.) Sony's PS2 platformers (Jak, Sly and Ratchet) were way gimmicky and really felt more action than platformer. Mario Sunshine was better but it still was gimmicky and didn't meet the bar that 64 set. The other platformer the GCN had, Donkey Kong Jungle Beat (second best platformer last gen behind WL4), was a combo rhythm-based platformer that was designed around bongos. Xbox had no notable platformers at all. Also, don't get me started on Sonic...

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